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Games that made you emotional

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Jin uzuki death xenosaga episode 3
Depending on what choices you make walking dead season1
I haven't completed undertale yet but I'm near the end but on the way to asgores throne to the the barrier and the monsters told you the story of how asriel and chra died got me in the feels deeply then at the hotel restraunt when sans also tells the story how he made the promise to toriel not to harm you plus the reason it got me emotional and in the feels is because toriel had lost her son had to deal with asgore waging war she was so tormented and heart broken she isolated her self in the ruins and rarely had company unless a human fell down but would part ways and eventually asgore would kill who ever she met so when frisk falls she does everything to keep you in the ruins because she doesn't want to be alone doesn't want you get killed by asgore parting ways with her made me feel so bad but glad she wasn't completely alone and she had sans to interact with a few times exchanging bad puns so far undertale has been a very emotional journey


Alice Madness Returns.
It has quite a deep meaning and i can relate so much. But other than that i feel so many different emotions while playing games, so ~


league of legends make me feel A N G E R Y
Previously ACCLAIM's 'BOTS!!' which is now ZylonGaming's BOUTCHEETAH! makes me feel n o s t a l g i c

Jan 09, 18 at 8:18am

kingdom hearts makes me sad , overwatch makes me want to drink myself to death and world of Warcraft makes me pull my teeth out


@mary I can understand the emotions to alice the madness returns

nashor_senpai commented on Games that made you emotional
Jan 09, 18 at 9:29am

Tons of games probably but the ones that come to my mind right now are Final Fantasy games and The World Ends With You


League of legends made me depressed/angry and made give up on humanity and their ability to actually think.


Runescape makes me b o r e d
time to play some rs

Jan 09, 18 at 10:49am

@Formless dude I had to leave behind Hawke, I couldn't stomach letting Alistair just die like that.

Mar 06, 18 at 5:14pm

In MGS 4, when you return to shadow moses..omg the nostalgic trip of playing MGS1 as kid 10+ years ago..Then hearing "The Best Is Yet To Come" playing in the background, AUGGH THE ONIONS WHERE ARE THEY HIDING!?!

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