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Games that made you emotional

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Jan 06, 18 at 8:07pm

Has anyone ever teared up or cry while playing a game? How about get furious or angry to the point you had to pause for a moment? If so, share your stories. I'll start. (Try to avoid spoilers for the people who have not played the games you mentioned)

The last time I got emotional during a game was probably at the end of Mass Effect 3. After going through the trilogy (haven't played Andromeda), I really felt a connection with the characters and the protagonist and having the ending I chose made me choke up a little. Ever since then, I had moments, of both sadness and anger, but not to the extreme as what I went through with Mass Effect.

Jan 06, 18 at 8:14pm

If you play all the Mass Effect games and do not tear up at the end of 3, you are a soulless spawn of hell. Same thing with playing through all the Metal Gear Solid games and not bawling your eyes out at the end of 3 and 4

Jan 06, 18 at 9:42pm

Final fantasy series my bro.
First time i finished kh days also lol

Jan 06, 18 at 9:46pm

Yup. FF and KH got to me, too. Multiple times. Can't wait for KH3 to come out!

Jikko Von Satsujin commented on Games that made you emotional
Jikko Von Satsujin
Jan 07, 18 at 3:46am

Asura's wraith

Jan 07, 18 at 9:09am

among the sleep

hit way too home for me

Jan 07, 18 at 9:23am

The games in the Yakuza series are definitely a recent example of games that made me feel. Especially Yakuza 0, had to like get up and pace around the room after the credits, that bittersweet ending for Majima fucked me up. xD


Silent Hill 2's ending with Mary's full letter gets me every single time.

Mass Effect 3 in particular got me on several occasions (thanks to being a HUGE Mass Effect fan and often playing all three game back to back), once when Grunt says his farewell, once when Mordin dies curing the genophage, once more when Thane passes away in the hospital and I'm pretty sure Captain Anderson's death got me all teary too. I also remember getting super emotional seeing my team members die from Harbinger's beam at the run to the Citadel before the extended cut too so yeah that game hits me super hard! There's plenty other moments too but I'll be here all day otherwise o/

Telltale's The Walking Dead no doubt leaves me with tears every single time. Lee's death at the end of season one was beyond tragic and Kenny's death at the end of season 2 is just as a heartbreaking to me. As much flak as I give Telltale for essentially making the same game over and over and over and over, they know how to sell a pretty emotional scene.

Funny enough Dark Souls actually made me cry at one point too! One my first playthrough when I fought Sif I didn't think much of it especially since I didn't get to see his limping animation neither except for thinking it was a great fight even if it was a tad easy but on my second playthrough when I really absorbed the lore and realised just how tragic Artorias' and Sif's story was and I fought him, made sure I got to see that animation I think I just lost it haha! I do love that game to death!

I would also say towards the latter parts of Deadly Premonition also got me really emotional when characters I know and love started dying off, turning on me and met awful fates towards the end and seeing York move onto another life, leaving Zach behind got me so emotional. Like yeah that's a bad game but it's such a great game at the same time!

DISTRAINT really got to me too on several occasions, the fact that you're the one doing the horrible things to such nice and innocent people is something that's really quite powerful to me and bloody hell I think I was about to cry when I heard Mrs Goodwin passed away. That's such a great little indie game!

I'm sure there are more games that got me all feelsy but my post would be far too long otherwise!

Jan 07, 18 at 1:39pm

Name an emotion and I felt it at some point at least once during the 3 play-throughs of Nier Automata.

Jan 07, 18 at 3:00pm

^This guy knows XD

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