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What game are you currently playing?

Sep 09, 19 at 11:32am

Stardew Valley, Minecraft.

Sep 09, 19 at 11:41am

dota 2,starcarft 2 nothing else matters~

Sep 09, 19 at 12:33pm

Well the 10-15 hour demo thats available atm anyways.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses.


Final Fantasy XIV

Lead Dickhead. commented on What game are you currently playing?
Lead Dickhead.
Sep 11, 19 at 9:21pm
This account has been suspended.
Sep 14, 19 at 12:25am

Started messing around in monster hunter world again on PC to overcome the pain of not being able to play Iceborne yet.


Mother frickin Borderlands Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Choosing a character was one of the hardest decisions I've ever made in my life... and I swear that isn't hyperbole.

Sep 14, 19 at 1:20am

I've been thinking of getting Sekiro on steam for a while now, but still just moseying around in FFXIV for the time being


One game I've been playing a lot lately is Distance - and holy crap I have always loved this game but ever since it left early access it's become something really special - let's just I have never seen a racing game do horror in my life and yet that horror is so fucking effective and is just a bloody great game in general

Also been playing more AMID EVIL and Rage 2 on my PC as well as Resogun and Resistance Retribution on my PS Vita.

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