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What game are you currently playing?

Sep 08, 19 at 8:51pm

Project Teemo would be neat, but Beemo is and probably will always be my favorite Teemo skin lol


Before i quit i had beemo, lil devil, astro, and omega squad. I liked beemo alot but after season 7 and the rune changes playing teemo wasnt fun (well it was but not as fun as before)

Sep 08, 19 at 9:39pm

I love the splash art for Lil' Devil. He's all chill in his throne lmao. But yeah, I feel ya. The Rune changes they do sometimes just ruin champs for people (Fun wise/Builds). Hope one day you get to play Teemo the way you love too, with maybe that sweet Project Teemo skin!


Monster Hunter World since Iceborne came out this weekend. I forgot how much of a timesink monster hunter in general is. Seems like the weekend just disappeared lmao


I'm currently playing smash bros for the Nintendo switch


Ive just beem juggling between batman:arkham knight, conan exiles and skyrim. Although i have a dnd session soon aswell

Sep 09, 19 at 8:31am

Right now playing your turn to die (go play it yourself it is really good and it's free to play) and nier automata <3.


Paladins^^ trying to get Grandmaster this season

Sep 09, 19 at 8:36am

Rising Storm 2, Forza Horizon 4 and Minecraft even though my 350 steam games scream for me to play them. Did not even touch half of them xD

Sep 09, 19 at 11:30am

Playing the new released Touhou game ~

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