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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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It's not too late to put input on attractions to personalities or to give an opinion on the question that formed this forum. I welcome different ideas. I want yo understand where people are coming from with personalities and why one seems more attractive than others. Hopefully other members who questions this can read these posts too in hope for different views if not answers to them. Maybe find a personality connection with another to where they have the descriptive personality a past member posted on here.

Nov 14, 17 at 6:08pm

In my case , i like bubbly personalities in a girl cause it very feminine. Im thinking guys who like bubbly girls think the same, but it could just be me. But i usually go for smart ones.


They could as well mean 'asocial'. All girls have their appeal, shy or bold, nurturing or rough. There's always someone that's going to like them as they are! I mean, look at me, super asocial, rough on the edges, hate socializing and I don't give a fuck about others, still got some guys around that are interested in me. Just have the freedom to be yourselves! Life's too fucking short.


Bubbly and brainy, while not necessarily what I was initially attracted to seems to be a big plus, since that's the type I have found to get along most, have the most chemistry with as far as I know. Of course though, there comes a lot more to someone than just "bubbly and brainy" :P which are somewhat vague terms on their own.

Like many already have said though, different people like different things, different people get along with different (or should I say similar XD) people, so I don't know how you got the idea that "men are only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality". lol
In fact, when people say that they like a certain personality, chances are that they have no idea what they're getting into, either because they misjudge or don't anticipate what tends to come with said personality traits, and then end up changing their minds about what they like later. Nothing wrong with that since we all need to learn XD


Experience Jun. That's how.


I have never met a girl that agrees with all my beliefs. I think there’s reptillians, the earth is hallow, we are living in a matrix etc. maybe this is the wrong place for me heh


@kameiya Ok, so let's assume that "bubbly and sweet" is the general consensus of what men like. The thing is though, "bubbly and sweet" are positive traits on their own. There's no reason why you should dislike someone for these traits except for personal reasons or the lack of something else. The average person is able to appreciate these traits, because they are also easily understood.
So if you happen to be a bit more unique and have other strong personality traits instead, it happens, and sometimes finding the person who will appreciate those traits can be more difficult.


It is more of a personality based situation, but when it is the case, it is usually because we know that we are going to be treated well and given affection, something that isn't as common in other personalities, plus it doesn't require as much maintenance within a relationship. Men also tend to have this kind of personality (I happen to be a rare situation where I am quiet, but when I am actually in a relationship and I am near my partner, I seem to exude that 'bubbly and sweet' personality), so women aren't the only ones, in fact, most things you see with women also resides in men.

Giving up on this site for commented on Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?
Giving up on this site for
Dec 21, 17 at 2:52pm

All my former girlfriends have non been bubbly. Most have been sweet in some way, but not the uber innocent "sweet" which you might be thinking of.
I'd rather date someone a but more independent, stronger-willed, and cynical - as long as they're open minded to an extent.


Not true. Other personalities are appreciated, but you have to at least show that you are capable of some sort of compassion. If you are always giving a death glare, never smile, and just look like you hate life, thats not gonna attract much male attention. But a shit ton of guys wouldn't mind a Tsundere lol.

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