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23 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
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How's your hand? Has it healed since we last spoke? While you're at it, tell me the latest news in your world! Look forward to hearing from ya old friend of mine!
My PC has been repaired and now I am back to my gaming habits. Hopefully it won't blow up on me again, if it is the same game if it does blow up again, then Ubisoft is gonna be paying out some cash for damage not covered by warranty.
Well, my newly upgraded PC just exploded, and now the power supply is being replaced, if I'm lucky, that was all that was damaged and I can see how things go when the new one comes in a week, in the meantime, I am stuck doing everything on my phone or the consoles in my room.
The name of the team for the most part, state has been trying to change the name for a long time due to how racist it sounds.