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19 year old Male
Last online 5 days ago
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Mar 19, 20 at 12:25pm

So the COVID-19 thing is now affecting Duolingo, been getting notifications to essentially make my isolation productive, but joke's on the owl, I isolate myself because I'm socially awkward, not because of a disease!

Mar 14, 20 at 1:21am

Welp, the coronavirus panic for toilet paper has officially hit my city, luckily I seem to be stocked up on resources.

Mar 07, 20 at 2:13am

So, in the past couple days I have binge-watched myself to the end of Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0, and I can say, both series are awesome. I tried watching Robotics;Notes and Chaos;Head, but those two either have not enough going on or way too much going on during the episodes I tried to watch.

Mar 02, 20 at 10:48pm

Good news, I finally fixed my internet, I was about to make an angry phone call to my phone's tech support, but luckily a router reset was all it needed (that's right people, I am single and I know how to reset a router!).

Feb 26, 20 at 4:49pm

Starting to get really annoyed with my phone, I've been having issues with not being able to connect with my Wi-Fi, which I was already having issues with being the only one in the house who seems to have worse buffering after the upgrade, I'm probably going to have to talk with my internet/phone provider about this.

Feb 20, 20 at 7:28pm

Not sure what I did but I am in agony because it feels like the skin over my sternum is trying to become anything other than a part of my body.

Feb 20, 20 at 12:31pm

Well, currently very frustrated because Ubisoft can't seem to make a game without it being broken or unoptimized and I can't play one of my favorite games on PC because my disc drive is dead.

Rafael Sanzio left a comment for kuroshiro_2573
Feb 19, 20 at 1:05am

I like your memes new friend


Feb 19, 20 at 12:38am

Just started writing a new book, it is a horror story with psychological elements. Already got a title and the premise in mind. Not sure how long I plan to make it, but hopefully this gets done and I'm able to publish it.

Feb 19, 20 at 12:05am

Well, finally trying to start clean and stop thinking about my ex, unfortunately that is gonna be difficult since I can't delete conversations on Discord and Amino has been permanently corrupted in my mind. Hopefully it is completely off my mind in a couple weeks.