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Apr 07, 18 at 9:16pm

I have now seen TG Season 3's first episode, and it seems that my worries about Urie has been dealt with. The episode is pretty good, but it takes out most of the comedy that was introduced in the TG:re manga and they have disorganized a lot of the events of the first volume (in which the first episode is based on). They have, however, included some information that was not present in the manga that will make the actions of some characters more understandable.

Apr 02, 18 at 9:13pm

Saw the preview for TG Season 3. Not excited for it due to season 2 going completely off-course and leaving out important information, but they have the perfect voice actors for the Qs (with exception of Urie, he sounds too gruff for his sarcastic nature).

Mar 25, 18 at 8:15pm

Just recently heard that Vinland Saga was getting an anime soon. I am excited to go back to following Thorfinn through his quest for vengeance...

Mar 25, 18 at 6:18pm

Going back to writing my Tokyo Ghoul fanfiction. After reading all of TG and the first three volumes of TG:re, I think I have enough story knowledge to do what I have planned. I'm calling the fanfiction Tokyo Ghoul: Apex.

Mar 25, 18 at 5:50pm

My cat just rejected me... And after all the hugs I gave him...

Mar 14, 18 at 9:04pm

Just got through a stressful day and I am bored. If anyone wants to chat, I'm game.

Feb 14, 18 at 6:02pm

Ah, it is Valentine's Day and I am alone. Time to bust out some Netoge memes.

Jan 10, 18 at 7:19pm

Too true of an image for me...

Jan 04, 18 at 6:52am

I'm bringing my TG fanfiction out from the grave and redoing it.

Jan 03, 18 at 7:15pm

Completed Tokyo Ghoul:re vol. 2 on my way home today. Haise has me freaked out right now.

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