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Feb 14, 20 at 9:23pm

Another Valentine's Day as a single dude... Good luck to everyone else tonight, I'm turning into a vegetable for the evening with Rom-Com anime and Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Feb 08, 20 at 11:07am

For those willing to watch, here, and you are welcome, you'll be laughing for the full hour.

Feb 07, 20 at 8:51am

Jesus how am I awake, it is 6:50 in the morning, I usually don't wake up until 8-12.

Feb 04, 20 at 9:43pm

Well, politics just ruined my day. Going to vegitate and watch anime to try and make it better, don't even want to eat right now.

Feb 04, 20 at 3:05pm

Well, it's snowing here again, doesn't look like much of it is sticking unfortunately.

ACCOUNT TERMINATED left a comment for kuroshiro_2573
Feb 03, 20 at 9:36pm

Goodnight kuroshiro_2573 and have sweet dreams!

Jan 30, 20 at 10:30am

Well, for once waking up earlier than 10am. Getting coffee.

Jan 28, 20 at 1:02am

Okay, I just watched the first five episodes of ID:Invaded, and I have to say, the ending song, Other Side by Miyavi, has to be the best song I've heard ever. I am seriously obsessed to the point where I've looked up the lyrics in romaji just to mentally sing along.

Jan 22, 20 at 2:02am

Well, my internet is dead, and I can't access my router right now to try and fix it. Worst part, happened while I was in the middle of a GW2 event, so I probably lost the chance to get some loot from that too. At this rate, probably just gonna sleep to get passed the bordom of hoping the internet fixes itself.

Jan 20, 20 at 2:45am

Just started reading Komi-san Can't Communicate, and I am now hooked. And while most people I've heard talk about it want an anime adaptation, the dialogue style and popularity of the series to me shows that the author probably won't let it go to animation, and for a series like this, I think that is fine, as the series that benefit most from animation tend to be filled with movement-heavy scenes.