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21 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
I like to drink tea and write stories alongside my obsession with anime and manga. I speak English and a bit of Japanese and I am learning Norwegian (Bokmål) and Irish. Do not discuss politics with me because I begin to rant. As for my favorite anime and manga, I like Assassination Classroom as an anime and Tokyo Ghoul as a manga.

I have written several poems on Wattpad and I am currently working on a manga project having a lot to do with my display name, however I am dealing with writer's block and I am trying to find potential illustrators.

Besides that, I play games, mostly RPGs and the occasional FPS or even TRPGs. My favorite games currently are Code Vein, God Eater 3, Halo 2, D&D 5E (I DM), Morrowind, KotOR 2, and various other games.

If I seem pessimistic during chats, please bear with me, I have been dealing with a lot lately.