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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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Yeah, its hard for people to handle other authentic people. So people filter parts of themselves in order to make themselves easier to handle. Now I don't think most people lie or show fake personalities. Some people do. Others just have multiple sides to them, and (try to) only choose to let the most positive, well meaning parts of them through. That's not a lie, because regardless of whether its the full picture or not, it is an actual part of the person. So it shouldn't be deemed as fake, even if another part of that person feels the exact opposite. Though I guess I'm stepping into the realm of Jungian psychology here with shadows and personas. XD


I for sure am different at work and at home. At work I talk to people, and at home I shut myself away from the world. These days I even feel like I'm starting to become an extrovert, but only at work.


I'm pretty sure that's how most introverts are in the normal world. I dunno where the whole "Introverts are antisocial" thing came from, because there's a lot of introverts in the world, and many of them are "normies" who have very regular social lives. Like sure, here we have an abundance of introverts who also have a lot of personal anxiety problems, so it seems like the majority of us introverts are shut ins. Hell, I will spend weeks at a time in my room if I could get away with it, but if you can manage to even get me outside, I have never had any problems approaching a group of strangers and initiating conversation. Like when HVZ rolls around, I'm usually the guy in the font line shouting and enforcing battle tactics. And since my voice doesn't particularly cary well over a hundred people shouting in unison "BRAINS!", I have to put a lot more energy into it. At anime cons, I'm always buzzing around and meeting new people. But if left to my own devices, I might never see the sunlight again. (That's a lie, I even switched to a normal sleeping schedule because I missed the sun.)


Well it's been a gradual change for me. Ever since the very beginning of being forced into the social school world, where people thought I was literally mute, till now where certain people think I'm not shy at all.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 14, 17 at 3:57am
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Not wanting to socialize is not "antisocial". Let's get a definition, shall we?

Definition of antisocial

1 :averse to the society of others :unsociable
2 :hostile or harmful to organized society; especially :being or marked by behavior deviating sharply from the social norm.

In other words, one who is aggressively averse to socializing and this most certainly can include physical behavior, as can introversion.

Now let's do introvert.

noun: introvert; plural noun: introverts
a shy, reticent person.
a person predominantly concerned with their own thoughts and feelings rather than with external things.
adjective: introvert
another term for introverted.

mid 17th century (as a verb in the general sense ‘turn one's thoughts inward [in spiritual contemplation]’): from modern Latin introvertere, from intro- ‘to the inside’ + vertere ‘to turn.’ Its use as a term in psychology dates from the early 20th century.

Not quite the same thing, are they?

Only making the clarification because it seems people get confused on wording and that in my opinion, takes away meaning from both terms. They are not the same,
even if mildly similar.

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 14, 17 at 10:44am
This account has been suspended.

I kinda wonder where that aversion of extroverts comes from as well. Like I know a lot of extroverts who are also shy, but just need to be out with people.

Also, I know plenty of extroverts in the ohio anime convention scene. My friend Tony for example. The stereotype most people picture with an extrovert? He's it. Loud, outspoken, charismatic, driven, athletic, always talking, but has that power to make people feel really good about themselves if he compliments them. Also highly creative and the biggest nerd I ever met too. One of my favorite people to play D&D with and hit cons with. Though he usually is one of the people running the security scene at Ohayocon.


I dated an extrovert (bad idea if you're truly an introvert) and I can honestly say there was no hostility towards her extraversion. She on the other hand... Well, let's just say there are a ton of reasons why I'm married to a different woman, with a child on the way. No grudges held on my part, honest...;P

I just thought a clarification was needed, since it seems like I hear the word "antisocial" being thrown around so much when what they mean is "introverted".

I mean, I've know quite a few antisocial extraverts, too. And yes, behavior most certainly can and does hide the true nature of people. We like to put on a facade depending on who we're around or where we're at. It usually has to do with whatever happens to be advantageous for the particular situation, humans are social chameleons.


I know it's a bit late to weigh in on this, but I have found that I am most attracted to people I feel at ease with and can be myself around.

I don't know if that's bubbly, or shy, or bombastic, or whatever other blanket descriptor you might try to apply to it. I've known a wide range of people that I've felt that kind of closeness with.

Of course, there's a certain level of physical interest that goes on top of that, but if that base isn't there then I'm not going to find them attractive regardless.

If that person comes along I'll know it, but I don't NEED anybody else to "complete" me or "make" me happy. If I can't make myself happy then we've already got problems. xD

There are tons of different guys out there, and no two are completely alike in the type of person they're looking for.

Besides, you honestly shouldn't give a single **** about what some random guy thinks of you. What do you think of you? That's all that's important.

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