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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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There has been a lot of talk about men only going for a specific look. Lately I find that men who goes for personality only wants the bubbly and sweet personality. there are several more types of personalities out there. if it is allowed I would like this thread to be about what kind of personalities one is wanting and hopefully an explanation on why bubbly and sweet is the only desirable personality It seems.


They aren't. A lot of men have some variance in what they look for in a woman. I for one take issue with dating girls who are too "bubbly". It has never ended well. This world is fucked and someone who can never show me their flawed side just seems hard to trust. This is not the same as wanting someone damaged. I just like realness and authenticity.

But in defense of guys who do like the bubbly, sweet, easygoing girls....Maybe they are stressed. Lead stressful lives. It's true that pobody's nerfect. And you shouldn't expect a person to always be up for lifting your spirit. But there is a reason manic pixie dream girls are a thing. At the end of the day a dude wants to be happy. And the idea of a sweet cute little something who doesn't complain or add to his stress and instead ALWAYS makes his life better can seem very appealing. Of course these are wholly unfair and hypocritical expectations to have of anyone let alone the person that you're supposedly calling your partner. But it is what it is.


Reminds me of a funny video I saw(not a MGTOW, I just found this funny):


That video made me laugh too. So bubbly makes the guy happy? so no other personality can make a guy happy too, or are there different types that would make one happy? What kind of personalities then makes others happyy to be around instead of just bubbly?


It really depends on the guy. For arguments sake let's say that we think of relationships in terms of filling a need.
Stressed guy wants low stress so his top waifu is no stress
Free spirited guy needs to be grounded so he's drawn to girls who are nurturing and motherly
Arrogant guy gets bored easily so he's drawn to girls who are a challenge and hard to get

Opposites do not always attract and we're all different. And my limited 25 years of living(and less than 10 years of any real dating) cannot sum up what every guy is into. Especially given that I have not dated any men nor have any interest in what attracts them. Most dudes(and in fairness women) I've known are far more affected by good looks anyway.


Different people want different things.
There is nothing wrong with not being bubbly or sweet, just being yourself. There so many kinds of people out there with tastes for all kinds of things even women like this:

That is just my 2 cents.


Love Yourself if men like a bubbly personality then so be it. Explore what makes you different.


OK. Then what kind of personalities are you all looking for? Maybe the people here can find personality connections on this thread. The second reason I made this thread.


umm to truly tell ll know when i see it

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