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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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@edge thicc shy girls? You talking about mikan and mary? Kek : ^ )

@siru omfg i laughed way too hard at that


Coming from someone who loved goth chicks for awhile, the atypical, bitchy personality tends to get old real quick. With bubbly, sweet girls, they don't expect someone to really like them back who wants to be attentive to them, and want to be with them. As of late, I've loved homely girls, because they feel more genuine, more real, and compassionate to their significant other. I'm sure there's a type everyone prefers more, though lately, it's nice to see these kinds of girls getting the love they deserve.

Though me, personally, I like that kind of personality, but I also like pervy tomboys, with a dark sense of humor, and likes to be clingy. I never thought of myself to be the clingy type until I experienced one for myself.


I have a bubbly, optimistic personality in work/crowd settings....but it is in no way who I really am. Once you get to know me I'm quite dark. I like to say I'm tragically beautiful, but the glass is neither half way full or gone, you've simply consumed half so get the fuck over it and get more or drink the rest.

Complexity can't always be seen at first glance, and I am quite offended by those who see me as no more than a bubbly happy go lucky person. As I am nothing in the that phrase, well I do like bubbles; that's about it!

Oh, I should add, guys irl don't like me past the physical. Or perhaps I don't like them...idk. But i'm single af.


I have a hard time picturing you as dark or even in the same category Teacup.


I always pegged ya as more apathetic than dark


Teacup, I know the struggle. I know it all too well.
People think they know the ocean, just because they could surf the waves on the surface.


I don't know exactly, maybe because they are more easy to talk to? I, myself, don't mind when the girl isn't like that because i can relate!
Like i am super awkward and shy, it is so hard for me to even communicate. T_T I will do something stupid, you will think i am crazy and leave me. Unless i know the person for a long time and we are close friends, then i open up and become what you call "bubbly" (i don't get any less weird tho).

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 13, 17 at 4:23am
This account has been suspended.

I keep getting told that how someone is at work isn't always how they are outside work Cuz they are trying to adjust to how best to serve the work place. I also came across people that portrays a personality that isn't there own so they can seem more approachable to others. which can be confusing to see that other personalities are just fine to others.

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