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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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i mean besides the generalization factor, you could say its trendy? like with thicc and chubby girls being in the spot light for once


id say its a trend or more or less too as to agree with lamby


No need for any lengthy explanation, just this. Men are not just attracted to one type or one look, that'd be rather dull if we were.

Why do some people feel so insecure, that they feel the need to make over generalized statements?


I’ve heard guys don’t like girls smarter then them. We feel like we are less or something. It’s weird like how girls like guys that everyone likes.

I know that I don’t really know anything because I’ve never been with a girl


Beats me, as far as I'm concerned men, the older they get, are more interested in mental stability than women being over the top clingy and "cute".

I choose my current girlfriend because he wasn't trying too hard to fit in the stereotype, she was just herself, nerdy, serious~


Bubbly type? I hate those types XD I LIKE SHY GIRLS, especially akwardly shy ones. I just find it cute, thats just my preference tho. I like shy girls cuz you have to put time and effort in just to get them to open up to you and you actually get to see cuter sides to them than with the standard social butterfly. Plus they are easy to relate to since im pretty shy myself


@lamby its about time the thicc girls got their chance to shine amirite?


i think we worry about what people like instead of being original
But thicc girls are cool. I Don't think it matters


I like girls that like me

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