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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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Nah, most of the time I'm more attracted to cynical awkward introverts like myself. Problem is, introverts never speak to other introverts (unless an extrovert introduces them) because they're introverts. XD


I wouldn't say I like "bubbly" persay. I've dealt with a lot of really douchey people over the years. It's a lot like Makoto Haruki said. I'm kind of a goofy person, and as friends I like girls (and just people in general) that are nice and can be goofy and weird right there with me without any judgement. As far as girlfriends go, I wouldn't even consider a girl I couldn't see myself being like, best friends with. Also, while I have made a lot of progress kicking its ass this year, there's still an amount of negativity and self-hatred in me clinging on for dear life. People that are objectively negative remind me too much of what I used to be and am constantly fighting to never be again, and talking to them is kind of a downer. Spunky girls make me feel happy and energetic and comfortable, and if they're weird like me I know they won't judge me. That's not to say I only go for spunky girls; there is a certain stoic, intellectual Chinese lass that has managed to become a very good friend of mine.


From what you just said it seems halo was quite accurate in his post on the first page. But does a person actually have to be bubbly to make the other person happy? I always thought it didn’t matter on that and being around someone you want does make you happy. with different personalities with each couple cuz they enjoy being around them. Not cuz they are bubbly. But from some of the posts I'm starting to doubt that. Then how on earth do non bubbly people even get along happily? what part of their personalities made the other happy with them? what other personalities does another like that doesn't revolve around bubbly? I have no experience in this so if it is ok what are experiences with personalities on a relationship level made you guys happy instead of just bubbly?


I don't particularly like bubbly people, but there are people who can be bubbly that I like.

I think what people really want is someone who is comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. Bubbly people fit this description, so maybe that's why you're seeing this pattern.

Personally I don't care if you're not particularly sociable, just as long as you don't give off discomforting vibes. Not like someone can just flip a switch, but if you're into someone then just keep at it, and you'll probably exude comforting vibes eventually.


I don't think all men want a woman with a bubbly personality. Every guy is different and we all have different taste. Personally I wouldn't mind someone who is upbeat and has an optimistic look on life but I think it would be mentally taxing if she is the super hyper type. As for what type of personality I would like ideally it would be someone who is more introverted and pleasant to talk to but I am willing to meet new people and get out of my comfort zone. It can be a good experience.


I like a chill woman, a bubbly personality just sounds like the type of person who may try to change you and it can be annoying always having a high energy person around. I can be optimistic at times but i'd rather have a supportive, chill, funny best friend as my woman.


Bubbly and sweet is great in anime characters, and to a point, cute in real girls. BUT... I always like to say, when you trade one situation for another, all you are really doing is trading one set of problems for a new one. I admit, I'm a sucker for the sweethearts (Who usually come in unexpected forms.), but the bubbliness is something I could only handle in small doses. It also gets kinda annoying after a while, and girls with those types of personalities usually come with their own problems that you have to prepare yourself for. Like what if she is only effective in one category; Emotional support. Then you have two people to care about, and you're doing the work for everything else, including the stuff you suck at handling on your own. Don't get me wrong though. Warmth in people is a rare quality, and I appreciate it when I find it in people. Like its nice to know I'm not the only one out there to brighten a stranger's day up. And yeah, optimism is a great trait to have, but it requires conviction, intellect, and creativity (And maybe even charisma) to wield effectively

As to the evolutionary reason why its so sought after in certain groups of men, you have to kinda remember that the millennial generation never really was taught how to look after their emotional health. We were brought up by unrealistic success stories, and the belief that things can automatically get better if we just stick through to the end. So yeah, we have a generation that suffers from anxieties, depression, and all sorts of other problems. Other generations have had their share of those as well. But add to that, the addition of social media has trained us to rely on instant gratification to get our dopamine fix. (That's a chemical in the brain that triggers that good feeling you get when your efforts have been recognized by another.) Something we used to have to get through actually talking to people. So in that social climate, its easy to see why someone wants a person who is attentive to their emotional needs, effective in raising their spirits, and unconditionally faithful. Its a fantasy. And to echo what BurningHalo said on page one, I don't really think its a fair place to put someone in.


You might want to take a look at the personality traits you're aiming to project; don't assume that only a certain type of lady is going to appeal to men, because that's just putting yourself in a no-win situation.

Speaking for myself, I tend to like women who use an egalitarian approach the best. Those who present themselves as worthy companions, not as a child or dependent who "cannot live without being in a relationship." I figure if a gal can be her own person, without belittling men or curb-stomping them with feminism, then she's got room to really be something special.


Well not all men are kinda like that, i know me sure that personility is sweet and all but i also do not think id be only attracted to that, but im only speaking of myself here being i cant speak for all men but me i would want a mix of both good and bad parts of personility


Some other strengths that are nice to see in a gal:

1) Intelligence, especially a playful sense of wit
2) Promptness or small displays of loyalty
3) Attentive
4) Has various talents; such as playing a musical instrument (relaxing), cooking, making art, etc.

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