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Why are men only attracted to the bubbly and sweet personality?

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but the bubbly personality won't work for me i think more of a serious person and a cynical humor would work for me


only because thats my opposite and opposite attract :)


Bubbly and overly optimistic doesn't work for me. I knOw that for sure. Chris is right. Unless you're exposed to the right type personality you won't know exactly. H as anyone here ever figured out what their personality type for a spouse is?

Fox Witch (she/her/vixen)
Nov 08, 17 at 11:39pm
This account has been suspended.

Different strokes for different folks. Some guys like the gloomier girls while some like the crazy ones. I like bubbly mostly because I feel a positive attitude and personality can really rub off on other people and make them feel good. I can be a right ol' grumpy git sometimes but when you're talking to happy and cheery people, it can really turn that frown upside down!


I think it's because guys can be really rude, always beating on each other and throwing insults around. This can wear some guys out, so the look for a contrast to what they usually have to deal with.


I like people who see the humor in things, but are low energy and complacent. Honesty above all else is the most important. I'm not looking for a go getter or sociable, mostly just someone who has a normal amount of self respect, and respect for others (especially me).

I think when I see someone as a potential partner or not, I look at their lifestyle more than anything.

Nov 10, 17 at 2:12am

This can go both ways.


Hmmm sums up life.


Bubbly personalities are usually the center of attention and usually have an on and off switch as well
For me,. at work i use to have all eyes on me being a medical sales rep. and i changed or turned the switch on to hold that attention. To have all eyes on me, and to identify their need and have them trust me to provide a solution
But , in a more social setting the switch dose not work and i am the shy boy sitting in the corner of the dance floor sipping his drink. I thought Things changed when its personal for me not business.
But many of the friends that were girls, were the exact opposite, they wanted to be noticed socially, so their personalities erupt when in a social setting, sometimes unconsciously wanting to be the center of attention. Out on the dance floor for the world to see
Honestly, who dose not want to be noticed.
Maybe that is why i am sitting in the corner all alone.
Some boys or girls want the center of attention and their personalities come to life or are "bubbly"
I am waiting for the girl to share my drink with.

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