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How does your family react to your otaku passion?

They don't know ^^
I believe I'm the only person in my entire family tree that thoroughly enjoys anime. I don't talk about it much. I mean, I can't really explain this episode of fairy tail, now can I?
Just switch to porn. Much easier to explain. No actually it is.
My mom watched a few anime shows, my aunts are literal koreaboos, my sister made fun of me for being on this site, and one time while watching attack on titan my parents thought it was porn. But yeah my family kinda dont care although i wasnt really that open about being an otaku. Even now i dont go out of my way to let people know besides wearing a few anime apparel shirts and stuff.
eh, my mom thinks its childish/juvenile, especially with my funko pops and figurine collection lol. but she mostly stays out of it and lets me do my thing, she just makes comments here and there.
Pretty much everyone knows I love great big anime tiddies, other than the odd tease and joke they literally couldn't care less. An outcome I'm pretty happy with :P
My mom literally called me a faggot. Holding my dakimakura whilst in my tighty whities didn't help my case.
lmao oof.. my parents dont care. my mom was the one that suggested we check out japan fest because it sounded fun
My brothers make fun of me for my interest in anime. But I just laugh at one of them and say at least I'm not 30 years old and living with my mom. \_(:/)_/
My family just sort of viewed it as cartoons that just happened to be from Japan. Nobody really made a fuss about it. Now if I had jumped on the Brony train of the early 2010s I can imagine that I would have got nothing but crap from everyone and their brother.
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