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How does your family react to your otaku passion?

My mother in her constant adoring behavior usually misunderstands their looks and meanings while talking in the middle of most of it. Sometimes she brings up negative things about Japan, such as WWII references, including her father and his two brothers being WWII veterans. She even mentions a friend in Asia having some rough times there. Her mother's reaction was disliking pointy noses and mocked the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4Kids dub "Da da da da!" For my big sister, despite inspiring me in gaining interest in Japanese media and food in the 90s, sometimes years later called my interests "only for kids and immature people" while she didn't want me to play too much. She even called my playthrough of Star Fox 64 too much while telling me, "Quit playing those games!", but then inverted back in recent years positively saying, "That's you!" Father and stepmother seem ignorant and uninterested in my passion in Japanese media. I was even involved with some notable people, but my father and stepmother ruined some of them by saying I might get sued for sharing interviews with someone else unless if I ask their permission. For others, I often hate when elderly are the only ones approving my otaku passion while similarly-aged people block me by being gatekeepers. T_T
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My parents never paid enough attention to care about my hobbies lol. My sisters don't care either.... I think that is why I accepted my otaku fate. I wanted to wake up in another world.... I'm a middle child (kind of) and I really related to Kanna from Minami-ke and Amu from Shugo Chara, responsibilities and such
Ehh, well my family doesn't really care especially since i'm half Japanese. I only have 1 sibling which is my brother and he's definitely more of an Otaku than me. So we definitely get a long in that aspect and my mom doesn't really care and she used to watch some anime when she was younger. I never talk to my other family members about anime so they don't even know that I like it lol. My dad knows about it but he doesn't even react to it since we live separately and I never really talk to him about it even though he knows. Most of my good friends watch anime (6-7 of them) so we get a long pretty well xD. That's about it!
My grandmother doesn't know but if she did she would probably hate it.
I never really explained it to them, so they didn't care. I don't live there anymore so it doesn't matter.
My father at first didn't understand it, but my mother's very supportive. Now, they're supportive of it because it's like 'At least she's found something she likes or enjoys'. So, yeah, they let me slide quite easily with it. My sibling likes anime, too, but he didn't start liking it until I introduced him.
They dont like or agree with it. But they no they cant stop me or my sister from enjoying it either lol. so they just deal with it. They tried to ban her from going to cons and from watching anime. Which lead to us going and watching in secret. They eventually found out and just gave up. So its really a mute point for them. Back when we all lived together anyway.
My parents have always been alright with it. Hell, my dad was the one who would actually watch anime with me from time to time. One of the first anime I was exposed to was Bubblegum Crisis my dad rented it from Blockbuster since he's always been into sci-fi stuff. We actually watched the Gundam Unicorn OVAs together a while back and he loved it. Really I'd say my dad was a big part in getting me into sci-fi and mecha type stuff growing up. While my mom has always been pretty neutral though sometimes a bit mocking about my interest in weeb stuff saying things like: "there he goes watching those Chinese cartoons again" but yeah, she's never been against it or anything My brothers have been pretty supportive as well, especially my middle brother since he used to watch anime with me too. My oldest brother is generally pretty open-minded so he enjoys just hearing about Japanese animation and culture in general. Especially since his music is being published in Japan.
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