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Would You Live in Japan?

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Riolis commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Apr 29, 16 at 12:37am

Anyone not Japanese will stand out like a sore thumb.


Yeah due to the high technology there. I would fit in better their than the us. Plus I would love to learn Japanese.

Apr 30, 16 at 11:45am

I wouldn't. although i have a place to stay and work there, i just cant.

I like my life here. relatively speaking.
I can go incognito while being weird.
and i like to not be so socially strict.

-w-; showing up a minute late to a workplace gets folks talking and automatically thinking you're a slacker. i rather not deal with that possibility. that and im a dark-skinned 5'8 human with colored hair and that summers are too hot for constant wig wear..

And the constant assumption i no speaky the Japanese would piss me off. (which i barely can now, but i could read and speak it well before and that was when i went more often.)

Jun 11, 16 at 4:34am

Frequent or long visits? Absolutely, without a doubt. But living and working there? No. It seems like way more stress than it's actually worth in my eyes.

Jun 12, 16 at 6:43pm

I'm undecided about living there, but I doubt I actually will to be honest.

I'll definitely visit Japan at some point, but living there will be different. For one thing, I'm fine with living in England, and moving to any country seems a little pointless right now. Also, working in Japan seems like it would be stressful and not worth it, since I probably won't reach the point of being a fluent enough speaker to be comfortable with frequently talking to people.

Though when I visit Japan, if I feel the need to stay there, I'd figure out how I could do so.

♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡ commented on Would You Live in Japan?
♡ A-Mei-Zing ♡
Jun 16, 16 at 9:05am

@Don't talk to me I do not deserve It - Japan is a high tech image but a low tech reality

I would definitely live there since the job I am applying for is in Tokyo :P

anon5213 commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Jun 17, 16 at 1:06am
This account has been suspended.
Yuusaku commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Jun 17, 16 at 10:17am

Depends... outsiders like myself are at a great disadvantage in my opinion.

To live there, you need to be able to make income. Solving that problem is key.

If you want to work in Japan, you need a college degree. Even then, immigration laws are strict.

You're very limited to the kind of work you can do. Easiest job to find would probably be an English teacher and that's if you're a native English speaker.

You would probably barely make enough to get by but you'll be "living to work" and not "working to live".

I've sold myself cheap for a very long time and I can't do that anymore.

Even if I had a "good job"... what if I want to find girlfriend or even wife?

I dunno what it is but it seems Japanese women (or men), if they date outside their race, they only date white people. I dunno what it is but maybe they just like those who "conquered" them. I know Xenophobia and racism exists in Japan. I hear it all the time that Asians don't like other Asians but that in itself is another beast.

My friend's wife, who happens to be Japanese, doesn't like Koreans and Blacks... at all.

So if even if someone wanted to date me in Japan, they'll have to think and weigh in the social aspects and ramifications of dating a foreigner and especially one who's brown.

I can adapt to the food, surroundings, and culture but I'm on the fence about being married to a Japanese woman because of fundamentally different train of thoughts of what's a marriage. Two I'll mention is that I don't want to turn into a "living paycheck" nor can I handle a "sexless marriage" (yes, it's a thing - look it up). I want to love my girlfriend/wife. I have a high libido so I love and enjoy sex. I want to put the two together. I don't want mistresses on the side nor do I want her to have a side dish either.

For me, I just think there'll be potential intimacy problems based on cultural differences that'll make me unhappy. I wouldn't be same to handle that in Japan.

(My friend is in a borderline sexless marriage and it's negatively affecting him. He feels the same as me when it comes to this issue. If only his wife knew how much of a "good husband" he is. At his job, women throw themselves at him. No lie, I witnessed it several times. Very attractive and better looking ones too. His wife sees "not having sex" is just not an issue.)

I think Japan can be a great vacation spot but living there, as a foreigner, is probably a bad idea.

From all my findings, Japan just doesn't want you and there's a system in place just for that - to keep you out.

I'll see if my opinion changes by October.

My apologies if this turned into a rant but I thought theses issues are important. At least to me.

Yuusaku commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Jun 17, 16 at 12:05pm



Well.. there ARE restrictions with Japanese work Visas. A lot of times they'll forbid you working unskilled/untrained jobs like bartending or hosting. There's restrictions on working on holidays. Most companies that sponsors your visa can back out if you get a second job. There normally forbid it. It's also a lot of "read between the lines" stuff. Bottom line, most restrictions are to keep the unskilled/untrained/uneducated out.

"Live to work" came from one of my old bosses. It's simple: you're working to barely survive and not being able to plan financially for the future so you end up working more just to get by with no time to yourself. I dunno if I'll be "happy" over there unless I try it.

Just from my own personal experience. I'm not exactly saying it's a fact. I've never personally came across or known one. I just happen to notice this by my own observations. From my own experience back in college, 100% of those I've asked out said "no". Then they end up with a white boyfriend.

My interests aren't just Asians. I've date a lot of races. I learned them dark chocolate girls just can't leave me alone. My motto, though crude, is: "As long as 'it's' pink, I'm happy". However culture (or lack of) does play a role.

It's just if I'm am in Japan, why not try dating the locals for the experience and culture? (I'll report back my findings.)

I know there are those who just don't care or see sex like that but I know for sure she's not a gaijin hunter or just trying to please anyone but herself.

She wanted to be with him and have a family.

In my opinion, Japan isn't shy about sex mechanically speaking but culturally the way intimacy works is an issue in my eyes even if they don't see if that way.

I know that doesn't speak for all but it's certainly a challenge wherever you are to find someone with similar interests and values. Because of my alone, personally it's challenging for me.

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