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27 year old Male
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United Kingdom
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m960 @m960 left a comment for BiscuitSlash
Nov 01, 16 at 5:16pm
Thanks for the add.
jallai @jallai left a comment for BiscuitSlash
Jul 29, 16 at 6:35am
This account has been suspended.
Jun 19, 16 at 4:12pm
Cool! Maybe I'll see you if I get the money to go :)
I'll only be there on the Friday, and will be unable to cosplay. :( Basically I'll be going with a few friends who aren't going the full 3 days, and there'll be little space in the car so having an armour based costume will not be ideal.
I like to imagine that Chizuru Azaiwa (from Squid Girl) could defeat the Colossal Titan (from Attack on Titan), so Chizuru's the only character I'd see as necessary. I guess it wouldn't hurt to also include Gintoki (from Gintama) and Mikasa (from Attack on Titan)