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Koyomi Araragi

Last online over 2 years ago
Phoenix, AZ
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Ghost @kuharido left a comment for Koyomi Araragi
Aug 26, 19 at 4:38pm
Ghost @kuharido Come and get me Ꮚ⌀ꈊ⍉Ꮚ
No worries man, makes perfect sense because I'm worried too - as depressing as it is but I feel she's going to be alright and will show up eventually. I don't blame her for wanting to get away from the internet for a while after what's been happening but if I ever get anything I'll be sure to let you and everybody else know in the server
Feb 28, 19 at 10:52am
I had an old friend on here that went by "Saya" also was on Steam under the same name (Fan of Saya no Uta). They left here awhile back but I thought they were still on steam, I just hadn't logged in there for awhile but they are gone from there too. Used to be on Discord same name, left there a couple years ago. If anyone knows them on any platform and can link me or just pass on a message, private message me. Thank you.
Lol, watch Kodomo no Jikan or Kissxsis, way worse than anything most people get bothered by. But no, I'm used to it for a long time now. It's anime, its imaginary. People get tortured and slaughtered in anime constantly, nobody bats an eye. But you have any sexuality with someone under 18 and everyone freaks out. Murder is way worse than underage sexuality so anyone bringing up issues with that but ignoring way worse violence is illogical imo. My opinion is generally "If you don't like it, don't watch it."