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Caleb Williams: Caleb the undateable

20 year old Male
Likes: Females
Last online 2 months ago
Grove city, OH
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sorry about not being on been realy busy
with moving

Sep 26, 17 at 4:15pm

Caleb, I have been asking myself a few times whenever I see your profile, why is your pic upside down, like, why dude... lmao


sorry i have not been online in awhile internet was going wonky on me


Open your eyez

May 27, 17 at 10:02pm

I'm sorry to hear that. Mabey you can get your GED and tell the school to go fuck itself

May 27, 17 at 8:49pm

Dude i've literally not been on for half a year- it should be me who apologizes! And i guess my lack of social life has paid off- i got a 100% on a math final! (Strict parents still somewhat disappointed tho) How was your school year nerd? :)


potentia luna sentit, anima mea, et cum eo elucescat, et nova de tempore. temporibus, ubi classis partes sunt switched. in temporibus tenebrarum, quod lucet a editi lux spei melioris cras. nam principem luna et eius reipublicae ego stare et pugnare. luna pro nobis

have fun translating hint it is latin

Apr 28, 17 at 1:27pm

Thank you :)

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