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Anonymous Confessions ~The Return~


Long ago a madman called laughingman made a great post where people could push forward Anonymous Confessions

They are exactly the same as a normal confession except for the fact that you submit them on a Google's form, then, I'll grab them and post them here.

They won't be alterated whatsoever unless they contain hate speech, where, if the post itself it's decent I'll just censor any racial slurs, hate speech or personal attacks.

A person can also request to have their names filtered if they appear too often in content of the messages and they become too annoying to handle for themselves, such as but not secluded to, sexual innuendos, harassment, blackmailing.

Here's the link to the original post: https://maiotaku.com/topics/38874?page=1

Here's the Google's form for the anonymous submissions

In order to avoid making double posts and spamming everything too hard, unless it's something difficult to convey and actually needs its own answer, most of the times if I want to convey a reaction or feeling ill put it below the confession between []

To differentiate, that it is me commenting on it

Due to some death threats received as well as massive complaints from users (around 60-70 complaints) I stepped down from monitoring the thread, now, Ghost is in charge of receiving the submissions and he can do whatever he wants with them.

In order to keep this thread functional, in case he decided to step down someday, I'll take care of it temporarily until someone else takes charge of it.

Here's the new link to the confessions


First round ended at confession #295 page 71

Also, I'm the one administrating the thread itself as well as the forms and permissions.

This is done so that.

1. Only one thread keeps existing and being relevant.
2. To prevent someone from disregarding the rules and attempting to get us banned by spamming something nasty.
3. For commodity towards users.

If anyone would like to become a medium for this, if Ghost ever quitted, they would require to contact me.

Have fun!


First one is here, kitaaaa

"Hey do you know who this is? If so, dm me please."

Apr 20, 20 at 1:37am

I despise all of you
I hope you all burn

(This is anonymous right)





i confess that i love to send boring anonymous messages to shinoya. like uuugh im tired.



Not everyone's going to find love you know if they just need to accept that now or you're going to be in the world of hurt



Some people won't ever understand they are horrible human beings until they get beaten up to a pulp

ツンペーパー @tsunpaper commented on Anonymous Confessions ~The Return~
ツンペーパー @tsunpaper
Apr 20, 20 at 9:19am

It has returned!


I love this thread. People,ganbatte!

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