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Love to wish, hold on you This constantly-burning feeling Sways along with the white waves and the sky I'm starting to get lonely while (shedding) A droplet of the season that paints us in clad-blue summer https://youtu.be/_ZmdIWhRKjc?si=BOXmo7aZdy1GQ1n0
DEACTIVATED @swadian Take me up, make me hot Our lengthening shadow coming together on the sand Melts into one in the summer night Embraced by the stars that appear in the sky Someday they will become our memories
sanityfan @sanityfan left a comment for DEACTIVATED
Aug 01, 23 at 11:14pm
Hello there
Zoro have three sword master but I am best in my own single sword
Geez, you people don't even let someone deactivate their account in peace I swear. I removed the access rights from everyone and sealed the document, then, unlinked it, which means it will be destroyed once I delete the form. Also closed up the form. For those who like these things, don't worry, there's quite a few fellas who kept asking for ownership of this, so just wait for them to open up their own thread, now if you'll excuse me... time to deactivate again. Play nice fellas, I'm tired of having to come back here.
Back to the eternal slumber, I do am breaking my vow right now to someone after all