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Would You Live in Japan?

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Mar 21, 16 at 9:27am

No thank you, I prefer gender equality.

Mar 21, 16 at 12:16pm

Depends on what the person is looking for. Japan has a low crime rate, maybe 5 refugees per year, not very multi-cultural, highly advanced, civilized, a lot of conservative values, beautiful scenery, and a structured working class.

Riolis commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Mar 27, 16 at 8:24pm

Did that, and found out that you need a heart of steel to survive there. Visiting is great though

Like the saying goes, one should never go meet their childhood hero.

Mar 27, 16 at 11:01pm

I'll visit then decide depending on how my visit goes.

Mar 30, 16 at 6:36pm

Nope. Japan lifestyle isn't for someone like me.

Apr 11, 16 at 6:37am

this thread reminds me of the fighting is magic petition to hasbro as 80% of the signers reference fair use when they have no actual idea wtf fair use is and its purpose and examples of actual fair use (that being fair use is only usable within and during a trial of a court of law).

ai_astin commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Apr 27, 16 at 3:15pm

Moving there once I finish my master of arts degree :3


fuck no, Home is where my family and friends are, thats TX <3

Apr 28, 16 at 12:04pm

I'd only visit for a vacation like another post put I'd rather live in Canada or mabye one of the European countries

Apr 29, 16 at 12:12am

Would love to but would stand out like a sore thumb lol

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