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Would You Live in Japan?

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Feb 25, 16 at 2:21am

I'm still thinking about it tbh.

Japan is a great country. I actually respect their country from the culture, to the roots of their history. Their life seems to be full of colors, you need to unfold one by one. But this is an opinion from someone's perspective who hadn't seen the country on real life. More like I read books, search the net and all. Even with all of those, I feel like still hesitant. I'd love to go to Japan for work in their animation industry but their standards are high and that will be like a burden to other foreign countries since animation outside Japan is not yet as good as theirs. So maybe if I will be asked if I do like living in there, I think I should try taking a vacation to decide if I will or not.

Old_Account commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Feb 27, 16 at 1:30am

Yes. Japan is a great country with a majority of the religion I follow. It has problems, like any other nation, but the combination of low crime, unified culture, relatively decent public policy and a culture that actually embraces foreigners who assimilate into it, its not a serious leap in logic to live in Japan. But the barrier to entry is rather high.

Mar 05, 16 at 9:26am

Somehow I think I could manage. It might be a challenge to adjust and be able to acknowledge cultural differences, but it's something I really wanted to do as a kid. Ever since I saw the first episode of FLCL I started to take an interest on Japanese culture.

Mar 09, 16 at 8:48am

I've been living in Japan since I was born. I love my country but I don't really like living here to be honest. By the way, I lived and worked in Australia for 2months and Philippines for 3years before and I enjoyed living in both countries because people are amazing.

Mar 09, 16 at 5:37pm


Mar 10, 16 at 2:51am

I think it would be cool to have duel citizenship and have a place down there. But let me visit there before deciding.

Mar 10, 16 at 6:07am

If I remember right, Japan is actually a country where it's incredibly hard to have dual citizenship. You have to renounce your current one first to naturalize and even if you have multiple (like different parents, etc.) you have to choose one by age 22

morikyo commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Mar 10, 16 at 7:06am

My country is like a smaller and possibly just as expensive as Japan , however the work culture here is better than Japan . I dislike the work culture there , so to me Japan is a great place to go on a vacation in but not to stay for too long .

Mar 10, 16 at 7:38am

Yes! For sushi, food, and Godzilla.

I would really love to just stay there for even a while and absorb the culture, language, and their way of living, plus I would be interested in learning some ninja history, or Japanese history in general.

Mar 10, 16 at 11:52am

I don't know about living there juuust yet. I'd like to spend a couple months, or maybe even a year there to really get a solid opinion about whether or not its a good idea.
I know that I could really enjoy the scenery, the people, and just general culture, but it might not be enough to get me to set up there, but I do REALLY enjoy the thought of it.

I'm just so split between staying in the U.S. or going there. Both have things I desire and things I don't.

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