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Would You Live in Japan?

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Feb 22, 16 at 1:03pm

Now this seems like a rhetorical question but take a moment to think about this. After I went to Japan, I loved it. I really did. However, after being there, I decided that I wouldn't want to live there.

Well, I suppose I'm in the middle about it. The best analogy I can give is it's like having a dessert everyday all day and it doesn't seem as great as you once thought it was.

That analogy is an incorrect one to use now that I'm typing it out. Why? Because Japan has A LOT to offer. So now I'm not sure. I thought that if I lived there, I would get too used to it and it wouldn't feel rare or special anymore.

Despite our country's flaws, I really do love it here because it's my home but...I dunno.

What do you guys think? Would you want to actually spend the rest of your life in Japan? Why? Why not? What would you do there for work or a career?

darkxangel commented on Would You Live in Japan?
Feb 22, 16 at 1:18pm

Too stressful ;) the culture is awesome but living in Japan and working there? Nope
vacation is fine though

Feb 22, 16 at 1:33pm

I would. I won't get into specifics about work and stuff but I could do it. It would be a journey to ensure I can do it properly but it would be worth it.

Feb 22, 16 at 2:56pm

I would, only if I was either offered or found a good paying job their in my area of expertise.

Feb 22, 16 at 6:58pm

I used to want to... back when I went I started to think about it a lot. I decided to continue taking Japanese classes in college and I looked into many ways to get into the country. My goal was to push my bachelor's degree and try to get a job with a work visa. I was willing to do whatever it took, if I couldn't find a job in my field, I would have resorted to teaching English. I remember reading that, at the time at least, you can teach English on any degree so long as English is your native language. Over time though I sort of had a change of heart. I enjoyed my time there... on vacation. Thinking about it I'm not sure if I would be able to adapt to living there every single day because I'm so used to life here in the states, and although it has it's flaws I think I would start to miss it. At the very least I would like to move out west someday though.

Feb 22, 16 at 8:00pm

If I did, I'd probably want to pick a smaller town in a nice area. I don't know if I could take the craziness and crowds of bigger cities and what not. For a country though that's actually potentially losing population in the coming decades, I'd have to think they'd might want to consider making it esier to allow some immigration into their country.

Feb 22, 16 at 9:38pm

I don't think I would. Just economically, there's not a lot of opportunities. Like even if I did find a good job, I don't feel like there'd be that much upward mobility given what I've heard from people living there. And then there's cost of living. And that transferring my future (hopefully) license would probably be impossible because I'd have to either go back to school or take the licensing exam which I wouldn't pass because I can't read japanese. Only the kanji bits hahahaha

Feb 22, 16 at 10:53pm

sure, I know it's no utopia but I believe the culture and life style would be heaven compared to this shit hole I'm in now.

Feb 23, 16 at 1:20am

I would love to visit, but not live there lol.

Feb 23, 16 at 3:25pm

I would visit, but I prefer canada or europe

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