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Japanese/Korean dramas

카덴자 commented on Japanese/Korean dramas
Oct 18, 15 at 12:00pm

Wait did they turn Orange Marmalade into a drama? Cause I read that webtoon.

Oct 18, 15 at 12:27pm

Yes they did Krilian but I like the webtoon one better. The setup change but you should try watching it.

카덴자 commented on Japanese/Korean dramas
Oct 18, 15 at 2:59pm


I think they should make a The Breaker movie :P
I'm sad they ended it, and I don't like Action Idols as much.

Oct 18, 15 at 11:14pm

i recommend watching coffee prince its a really good k-drama

Oct 18, 15 at 11:29pm

^Agreed. It's one of my favs. Along with You're Beautiful (Korean) and Secret Garden.
Secondaries, Boys Over Flowers, Flower Boy Next Door, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Single Cunning Lady,... Ehh I'm thinking. Fated to You was also good. Loved the male lead. And yes, Personnal Taste was good. Lee Min Hoe fans lol-Heirs was good too.

Oct 19, 15 at 12:21am

My Love From Another Star (alien who lives a successful life bumps into this actress as his neighbor)
Master's Sun (girl can see ghosts)
Blood (vampire doctor)
High Society (rich vs poor)
Secret Garden (rich vs poor)

Oct 19, 15 at 12:45am

@veru, Fated to love you is Tawainese drama. If you like It, try Frog Prince is the same actress as fated to love you. Also try My Lucky Star if you like racing car, poor and rich, comedy and touching love cannot miss this one.

Oct 19, 15 at 2:52am

Most J-drama from the 90s were good ...
Any J-drama with Matsu Takako  (松たか子) 
would be GOOD

Oct 19, 15 at 12:09pm

''the master's sun'' = the leading lady see ghost but every time she touch her master the ghost will disappear (korean)
''my love from another star'' = the leading guy is a handsome alien (korean too)
''dream high'' = a high class academy for students who got lots of talents (korean)
''my girlfriend is gumiho'' = supernatural kawaii haha (korean)
''boys over flowers''= four popular rich boys (korean)
''F4'' = 4 popular rich boys too (J drama) (the only j drama i know haha )
''you're beautiful''= both japanese and korean got a version of it but i prefer the korean version.
''cofee prince'' = korean drama
''the heirs'' = a some kind a academy for rich cool guys and girls , uhm daughter/sons of C.E.O's of big companies in korea)
''PRINCESS HOURS'' = the royal prince is looking for his future princess (korean drama)
''the greatest love'' = korean drama also
''reply 1997'' high school love triangle that got a twist (korean)

:) that's all

Oct 19, 15 at 3:54pm

@Gamer --- apparently there was a Korean remake. The one I watched had Jang Hyuk in it...

^^^ lol I have no idea why that says White Power

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