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Japanese/Korean dramas


You mean the korean version of fated to love you? Sorry I like the Taiwan version better.

Oct 20, 15 at 7:22am

Personally I love the Korean versions or remakes because of teh hot guys teehee


I don't like hot guys or what. Even if there is hot girl I don't care. I only care the story if it interesting or not. I saw a little bit on first episode is quite different from Taiwan version. I will watch it but after I finish The Empress of China. I really recommend any girls or guys to watch it is good. It has some good real history a portray of first woman King in China.


Boys Over Flowers, Dream High, Coffee Prince, and The Lovers are really good kdramas in my opinion ^^ and as for jdramas, I've only seen Mischievous Kiss Love in Tokyo (the live action version of the Itazura na kiss anime/manga) which I thought was really cute and enjoyable to watch :3


If you like a bit of comedy with your drama, you could do worse than:

1. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) Live action
2. Gallileo
3. Untouchable
4. Gokusen

Dec 29, 15 at 5:40am

I'm currently watching flower boy next door.

Dec 29, 15 at 6:36am
This account has been suspended.

A thousand Kisses. (Kdrama)


If you like romanceXcomedy dramas I can recommend korean drama "You Who Came From the Stars" or "You're Beautiful". I think KD "Six Flying Dragons" is also a very interesting show. Its a historical drama about politics but it's very addicting ;)

Feb 08, 16 at 1:17pm

I can't say I know much about drama shows but I can point you towards a couple of Jap comedy shows.

Akibarangers is a wonderfully hilarious show that's great for those of us who enjoyed or still enjoy Sentai/Power Rangers.

Another one I can recommend is a show that spoofs on traditional jprgs (mostly dragon quest) called The Hero Yoshihiko and the Demon King's Castle.

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