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Japanese/Korean dramas

Can anyone recommend some good Japanese or Korean dramas?
Oct 17, 15 at 3:57am
im watching hwang jini. its pretty cool because its in japan from a long time ago, you learn somehistory
Oct 17, 15 at 4:07am
Hi, If you're looking for action try to watch Healer or City Hunter. If you like Romantic Comedies then it would be Lie to Me, Secret Garden or Coffee Prince :3
Oct 17, 15 at 7:51am
^^^ I agree with all the one mentionted, also: Hana Kimi, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Dream High, Personal Taste, My Love From Another Star, Pinocchio, I Hear Your Voice, You're Beautiful, Missing You, 49 Days, Flower Boy Next Door, Master's Sun, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Heart Strings are all rather popular and in my opionon good Dramas.
Oct 17, 15 at 8:08am
This account has been suspended.
Oct 17, 15 at 8:47am
@xypho You should watch Healer. I really recommend it. I'm still at episode 9 but already hooked!
Oct 17, 15 at 8:50am
@xynox OMG I have watched those dramas too! I really loved Personal Taste and also My GF is a gumiho <3
Try for your suggestions :D I'll get on those!
Oct 17, 15 at 7:37pm
You're All Surrounded is amazing.
Japanese: @mon try "1 Litre of Tears." At first is kind of a little bit boring but after you watch this, you get hooked and then I don't want to spoil it but get some napkin in case you need it... This show is based on real story by the diary. Proposal Daisakusen - is about a guy has a regret in his life, he was in love with his childhood friend. But he can never bring out the courage and now seeing her marrying. If only he has another chance to redo the bad times and change it to happy moment with her. Then a priest or godfather came and giving him a chance to redo his regret. Liar Game - my favorite but I prefer the manga. This is about a naive girl named Nao received a huge money in a suitcase and she cannot leave this game. After you watch this one, go read the manga. Korean: Witch Yoo Hee: This about a bossy girl who make a guy to do all her chores and cooking. How will this going to end up? Orange Marmalade: racism is bad but what about human racist on vampire? A girl attend a school and trying not to let anyone to find out her real identity. I got many good recommend if you like TVB and Taiwan Drama.
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