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Japanese/Korean dramas

Feb 05, 19 at 1:27am

not sure if these were already mentioned or not [probably have xd maybe][to many replies xd didnt read]
but so far i watched

Prison Playbook
Good Doctor [korean ver of netflix the good doctor]
Lets Fight Ghost

Ed~ @yamadaed commented on Japanese/Korean dramas
Ed~ @yamadaed
Feb 05, 19 at 2:02pm
This account has been suspended.

I actually don't watch too many dramas. I see one here and there, of course.


are there any Jdramas that are like these anime: Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, March comes Like a Lion, Sakimichi no apollon?

ᎶᏗᏁᎶᏕᏖᏗ ᏰᏗᏰᎩ @candystarmagic commented on Japanese/Korean dramas
ᎶᏗᏁᎶᏕᏖᏗ ᏰᏗᏰᎩ @candystarmagic
Jul 24, 20 at 12:58pm

i came into this korean drama named 'extraordinary you' expecting nothing at all since i was fairly bored and the first few episodes totally blew my mind /the drama started off with a clear message to the viewers/ a girl who is trapped in a manga world tries to break free and keep herself alive from the unfairness and absurdness of the cruel world while trying to find the meaning behind her life, i highkey recommend it~

as a bonus, a lot of waifu/husbando materials<3

Fɾคຖkēຖštēiຖ~ @hiretsunaotaku commented on Japanese/Korean dramas
Fɾคຖkēຖštēiຖ~ @hiretsunaotaku
Jul 24, 20 at 1:08pm

1) Voice

A detective and a call center officer team up to find the killer of their loved ones.
10/10 all around especially for the actingexcept for how slowly the lead actress speaks. The villain is just so freaking cool, and I love how they executed the suspenseful parts.

2) Hospital Playlist

5 besties at med school are reunited at their new workplace. This is a story of their daily lives at work. Beautiful music, beautiful men (no homo) and wahmen, and more beautiful acting.

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