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Mental Illness (Mental Wellness)

Jun 16, 21 at 11:35am

This will be me going around paying every agent and worker I owe after the wedding:


Paying so much for dinner and a show only to get a fraction back in gift form. To each thier own.

There's always so much stress about making things perfect for a perfect day and making sure all the people you'll never see again get a good meal and show. The actors sweat under the lights and wonder when it will be over so they can finalize thier contract later on that night. All of this for some archaic ritual to please the very blood you'll never see again. It sure do feel special for a minute... That is, until the costumes feel like they've over stayed thier welcome and the closing act is ever approaching. So,you wait,with baited breath. You wait with anticipation for the end of the ritual stage show.

I don't envy marriage or getting married... again. Stress stress stress for months, for what will only last a few hours. However, taxes do look better after the fact. So, there's at least that.



On the plus side, it shouldn't be as stressful as your situation. I've been around him and most of his family for going on 5 years now. I'm pretty established here. The only stress I'll be getting from the crowd are all my peeps that are coming in from all different places and hoping they all behave themselves. I mean some of the people coming in are legally eligible to smoke weed for medicinal purposes in OK and AR and it's not legal here yet.

Plus its not like we have to "seal the deal" at the end. I'm sure you didn't need to either. Sometimes that gavel is already banged by the time the judge (or incert other type of officiant) already speaks.


Duh,y'all don't have to consummate. However, that's in the mind and is much more exciting. The attention feels nice for the day, but it's just a day. Meh... I may be jaded towards the whole marriage thing(At this point, that is. I'm not sure about the future.), so pardon my skewed view.

My situation wasn't stressful. The actual day was great,it's the "Marriage" thing in general that has left a sour taste in my mouth. But, call that buyers remorse.lol

Also, weed wasn't legal here,either. But, no one would've cared. I mean,as long as they're not bringing out bongs and pipes,I think y'all will be fine.


Bongs or pipes?

Dude, nothing my grandmother does surprises me anymore. She always has gadgets. I'll just have to remind her its not legal here yet. Lol

Jun 17, 21 at 7:32am

Ive always wanted to have a goat wedding. I need to goat back to sleep.


Case of someone who was mentally not there and was aware of it. He even threw signs out there for everyone to see and no one did anything about it. He even mentions how no one paid attention to the signs. He seems Kinda cringey but yeah dude wasnt right in the head.

Jun 19, 21 at 8:38pm

Life is a cartoon. I real messed up one.


Missed your chance to say "reel" messed up. Cartoon...film...reel... Connect it, my man.

Jun 19, 21 at 8:54pm

Cartoons have been all digital for a long time. Its easy to make cartoons, except for making the Simpsons, they have to take a long time to think of how to make the show so crap.

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