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Mental Illness (Mental Wellness)


I saw this last night the fact the dude had to come out and say he had a mental illness and it was due to this he decided to leave fucking sucks. Cuz the other person antagonized him beforehand and then started recording


On the plus side, the Quartering helped the guy out.


I got diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder when I was 17. Also had severe Social Anxiety in the past. Now it´s gotten way better. I have always been a very open and sociable person, but in my early teens until I was 17 or 18, I had trouble trusting anyone around me and was very self-concious because of bad experiences and people who taught me in early years that I wasn´t good enough. As I was very young and barely hit puberty when it all started, I sadly started to believe everything they said. There are many more things I went through and some of them are present until now, unfortunately. How should I put it... they just leave me alone for a while and then they come rushing in when I least expect them.


It’s been a year worth of therapy and I feel nothing really changed much. The constant disappointments like a backstabbing girlfriend and the fact that my plan to move out is put on hold just for my sister doesn’t help.

Like the Bergens, I feel like I will never be truly happy.


I feel called out by the title alone!!! XD

Jun 04, 21 at 8:12pm

girls are from venus and men are from mars. i can skip that vid.


Its definitely some dated psychology but some of the points made were still interesting. Maybe a bit deeper delve that women mature faster than men. Maybe some men never do to their fullest capabilities.


I wager all humans are equal in their love for despair. As one who has a family tree riddled by both men and women struggling to keep their respective sanity I feel no envy or notion to believe the grass is greener on either side.
We merely choose to continue existing or we do not. The rest is irrelevant.
Society is the product of the individual. Without the individual, a society cannot exist. Those views may be many, yet the only truth is the one we believe. It therefore stands to reason though others can influence, the mind will always be individualistic by default.
Gender or skin color changes nothing for the blind, deaf, or the dumb.
All men were born of a woman and all women are at least one half of a man by genetics.
Therefore can the blind lead the blind?
Or are we all cursed with the privilege of inadequacy?


You weabuus have gone completely bonkers!! You make tori’s insane ass look sane

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