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I´m venting about my mental state. I thought it had gotten way better. But now I feel so exhausted by almost anything I do. Again. I am so glad I can make it to work and stay at work even though I don´t feel like it at all. But there are so many more things I have to do. That I have the respeonsbility for. I know I can and have to do all that. I just feel like I want to give up all responsibility atm.


Don't discuss, just vent, roast, rant, flame.


The live adaptation of Itazura na Kiss, but season 2


What are you watching at this very moment?
Anime? Drama? Youtube video?

I just started watching:

Gakuen Babysitters Episode 7


I feel like going on a spirit-and soul searching trip


Random thoughts in a random forum. Anything random that comes to mind...

First random thought I had today talking to a friend. I wonder how many people noticed MOJO Jojo basically MacGyvered his way to making the Rowdy-Rough Boys and escaping prison...


The last boyfriend I had before I got married to my husband had a very weird kissing style and I didn´t enjoy making out with him. Never told him though. His eyes were half closed-half open and it felt like he would like to devour my whole moth idek.

And my first kiss ( a tongue kiss) which I got from my first boyfriend tasted like onions and garlic.

I´m confessing here what I didn´t confess to them lol. You know, things you do in order to not hurt someone´s feelings or make them uncomfortable.


Post your confessions whether it be something like your "so and so years old and you still haven't gone on a date" or even "I'm the guy who teepeed your house".


That is true. I mean I appreciate if my partner has similar interests but I also like the thrill of trying something new. Sometimes I don´t like the idea of doing what they like but I´ll try anyways.


I say similar interests with a mix of surprises that would put you out of your comfort zone from time to time. New things are mostly fun (opinion). I know for sure I would not be attracted to an opposite of me (non-hobby opposites). DIFFERENCES are not a problem. That’s where conversation get’s most interesting


Haven´t even seen this movie lol. I know there can be some pretty overacted action scenes and scenes in general but sometimes you just gotta overlook those if the overall storyline is good. In this case I don´t know if it´s worth watching.


Tbh I am not sure where/ it´s not as important to me where I´d go but with whom. I would love to go with the woman I believe is my soulmate. But not in a romantic way. We are friends now. Kind of. At least that´s how we call it. We have a lot of love for each other that we can´t define. We´ve been together once as well but we both realized that a romantic relationship just doesn´t work for us. She is my dearest friend. Like family, my best friend and my soulmate.. idk.

Do you know this song? Chosen Family - Rina Sawayama. I will sing it at her wedding.

I would love to travel to Cyprus with her. She has family there.


Just really bored. Answer me this: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?