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I have so much trouble staying in a good place mentally for long. I start off very cheerful and hopeful, then suddenly it all shifts to disappointment in myself, loss of energy and motivation, also just freezing. My body freezes and I feel like I can´t get anything done


A place to share and discuss mental illness/wellness. I only threw the wellness in because I'm trying to be positive about it. Silver linings and such.

Do you have any stories to share? It doesn't have to be you personally that has a mental illness, it could have been a situation with a friend, family member, even a stranger.

People may not want to share personal stories but hopefully talking and discussing can remove some of the taboo regarding it.


I´m venting about my mental state. I thought it had gotten way better. But now I feel so exhausted by almost anything I do. Again. I am so glad I can make it to work and stay at work even though I don´t feel like it at all. But there are so many more things I have to do. That I have the respeonsbility for. I know I can and have to do all that. I just feel like I want to give up all responsibility atm.


Don't discuss, just vent, roast, rant, flame.


The live adaptation of Itazura na Kiss, but season 2


What are you watching at this very moment?
Anime? Drama? Youtube video?

I just started watching:

Gakuen Babysitters Episode 7


I feel like going on a spirit-and soul searching trip


Random thoughts in a random forum. Anything random that comes to mind...

First random thought I had today talking to a friend. I wonder how many people noticed MOJO Jojo basically MacGyvered his way to making the Rowdy-Rough Boys and escaping prison...


The last boyfriend I had before I got married to my husband had a very weird kissing style and I didn´t enjoy making out with him. Never told him though. His eyes were half closed-half open and it felt like he would like to devour my whole moth idek.

And my first kiss ( a tongue kiss) which I got from my first boyfriend tasted like onions and garlic.

I´m confessing here what I didn´t confess to them lol. You know, things you do in order to not hurt someone´s feelings or make them uncomfortable.


Post your confessions whether it be something like your "so and so years old and you still haven't gone on a date" or even "I'm the guy who teepeed your house".


That is true. I mean I appreciate if my partner has similar interests but I also like the thrill of trying something new. Sometimes I don´t like the idea of doing what they like but I´ll try anyways.


I say similar interests with a mix of surprises that would put you out of your comfort zone from time to time. New things are mostly fun (opinion). I know for sure I would not be attracted to an opposite of me (non-hobby opposites). DIFFERENCES are not a problem. That’s where conversation get’s most interesting


Haven´t even seen this movie lol. I know there can be some pretty overacted action scenes and scenes in general but sometimes you just gotta overlook those if the overall storyline is good. In this case I don´t know if it´s worth watching.


Tbh I am not sure where/ it´s not as important to me where I´d go but with whom. I would love to go with the woman I believe is my soulmate. But not in a romantic way. We are friends now. Kind of. At least that´s how we call it. We have a lot of love for each other that we can´t define. We´ve been together once as well but we both realized that a romantic relationship just doesn´t work for us. She is my dearest friend. Like family, my best friend and my soulmate.. idk.

Do you know this song? Chosen Family - Rina Sawayama. I will sing it at her wedding.

I would love to travel to Cyprus with her. She has family there.


Just really bored. Answer me this: If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?