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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]


Also getting your fruits and veggies. Sleeping soundly at night. That will keep your immune system strong.


So funny story, I finally planned my trip to japan and played for everything and this happens.


Put short, we're entering another election cycle in the US, and the common cold is just another type of Corran Virus, hence why this related strain is able to reach pandemic levels so quickly. Ultimately, just do what you normally do when avoiding the flu. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask if in contact with people who have it, and make a habit of washing your hands (Again) when you need to scratch around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Get exercise, eat healthy, and sleep plenty.

It's worth taking seriously, but not worth panicking over. If you get it, eat healthy, drink your fluids, piss and shit it out asap, and take your vitamins/painkillers/whatever the hell else you got to treat yourself. In the majority of cases, you'll be fine. Just hope that it doesn't settle in your lungs. That's when it becomes more problematic.

And remember, when there's a U.S. election cycle coming up, they will always try to push the panic alarm about something. Y2K, Swine Flu, an immigrant caravan, whatever. Ya'll know how the establishment works by this point. And since the country has swung so right to the point when someone like Mike Bloomberg could run as a democrat, and the majority of the DNC identify as centrists, then the old rule of "They use fear to manipulate republicans and outrage to manipulate democrats" tends to blur more. And no, I'm not trying to make this about politics, it's just really hard to talk about the crisis that happens every election cycle without getting into why the media is making such a huge fuss over it.

...Being a former anarchist taints your view on things, I suppose. /shrug



after contracting the virus even if you recover your left with permanent immune system and lung damage


(⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎)Staying at home might prevent you from contracting the virus (。ŏ_ŏ)...Many people here stayed at home for almost two weeks until they had to go outside because of work or necessities.
And patients with diabetes are more vulnerable to coronavirus


I’m still going to sakuracon unless they cancel it then I guess I got a plane ticket to a nice hotel room to get wasted in.


a type of natrual selection that the all mighty helix has chose to trim the human population becuz it has gotten to big. Comes in various forms every so many years. if you hardly get sick, youll probly be ok. They say the flu is worse, i never got it, and i never get sick, if i do, maybe once a year IF that. but if there are at least 100 cases or close to in your area or with 50 miles, or deaths are confirmed, take an immune booster, and spray yourself with lysol twice a day, and of course normal hygeine procedures. and just live? i never took precautions with the swine flu outbreak so, live a normal life.

Serious for ppl who get sick more than 5 times a year, not serious for ppl who get sick less than that. imo.

Anime cons are a concern tho, i feel some japanese guests may cancel going.., then that would kill one of the reasons worth going to cons at all, and that would just suck. anyone whos been following the videogame news the past few weeks will know that alot of gaming events like E3, etc have been pushed back, or canceled, or gaming companies all together have pulled out of them, and or have pushed back game releases etc. its def hurting the game industry, and that is no good.


Alright, shit just got real! Corona virus is delaying RE:Zero Season 2 until July...

Now I care! Time to find a cure guys so I can get more Rem and Felix back in my life!

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