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Coronavirus. Your thoughts? [Serious and Non-Serious]


I learned many things from this outbreak:
Xenophobia: In China, some people blame Hubei locals.
In Asia, some people blame the Chinese.
In the world, some people blame Asians.
See....People always wonder why there were so many pogroms against the Jews during the outbreak of the plague and how the people could be so stupid. But look how some Chinese, or East Asians in general are treated due to the Corona outbreak. It is the same behaviour. Sure, there weren't any mass lynchings, but the tendency is there, and I'm sure, if the disease were deadlier, there would be deadly attacks against Chinese-looking people to retaliate for their "wrong-doing". At least the people in the Middle Ages had the excuse that they didn't know how diseases came into being, so blaming an already hated minority for this calamity was more understandable.


i think its not going to be a big deal as long as we treat it as a big deal

the main issue is simply that it spreads quickly, in reality it's less deadly than sars

that being said, i believe its killed more people than sars, at least more than sars did when it's outbreak started.

on a lighter note seeing how the quarantined chinese people are dealing with the issue is pretty entertaining

the hazmat suits made out of inflatable mascot costumes, medical masks out of water tubes, and the such. when people have the times and the means they can make some pretty interesting stuff

im not too worried about myself, im a neet, but because virginia is so close to washington and we have a popular international airport nearby so i kinda worry about my mom a bit.

as far as the xenophobia goes, fuck anyone whos blaming the chinese people or their culture. how do you think swine flu got started? from fucking farms

nearly all of the illness we have are thanks to our farming of animals, because if you far animals you are in very close proximity to a lot of animals, and that means a lot of sick animals.

if the chinese are responsible for the coronavirus than we in the west are responsible for near every other outbreak


forgot to add

hopefully mike, electric fence, pray the gay away, more hiv deaths than new york, pence listens to the scientists for once and doesnt kill thousands of americans do to incompetence (but i aint holding my breath)

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This account has been suspended.

Flu viruses spread very quickly then vanish. Most health organizations are afraid of another 1918 Pandemic. Better known as Spanish flu. Nothing has gotten to that point. Corona virus is like Sars and H1N1 something to keep an eye on but nothing to be very afraid of.

It'll blow over. It's covered the entire world nearly. The panic is mostly just preparing but we're seeing it's not too bad and recovery is about normal. Vulnerable groups are mostly at risk. In 1918 it was mostly young people dying from it that's what made it so terrifying.

Just make sure to wash your hands. Get your veggies and fruits you'll be good.


It’s everywhere by now. It’s even in the U.S. and Canada. Make sure to not spread germs and wash your hands regularly.


If I were to die...wish it would take me by surprise...like a sudden blackout...if there was a countdown to deaath...I will wonder and have to decide on things I have to do before the countdown runs out...nanka mendoksai kara...^


This outbreak evoked my interest in history of pandemics. Fatality rate of pneumonia caused by the novel corona virus is very low compared with those well-known pandemics.


ya what nat said

honestly the best thing you can do is just wash your damn hands periodically throughout the day

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