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What is "normal"?


Hm... There is no universal one size fits all definition of normality in sociology. I suppose you could just say "Normal" is synonymous with "Functional" in whatever societal expectations are placed upon them. But no matter which society you gauge, everyone all falls short somewhere, depending on what perspective others have on them.

I mean take a look at how masculinity is perceived.

Doesn't it look like a checklist for psychopathic behavior?


I'm starting to think I'm a hermaphrodite.


Haha, yeah. Gender definitions are poor expectations to be expected to live by. We've outgrown them. There's nothing wrong with being a dude who collects stuffed animals, or being a gal who spends her weekends at the shooting range.


arbitrary social standard is a 'social norm'

otherwise normality is just whats common


There is no such thing. Just the degree to which individuals hold back/restraint their personality. Some are better at it some are worse. The "popular kids" are no less weird than anyone else is.


Though I get depressed and cynical when working very hard and had unfair moments growing up, my family seem to favorite me over my siblings, but I still feel forgotten as in "paying more attention to others."

I tried to be a normie, but my family fought over me customizing me to what is best in their humble opinions. Much like a fierce Black Friday Fight. They would do the same to my own family. Help me Jesus!

Feb 06, 21 at 8:24am

Normal is a Lie!


the exact opposite of this site, ur welcome


Does normal really exist? Everyone is a lil retarded.

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