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What is "normal"?


Most people jump in the bandwagon of "average" people as a way to be "normal". Some disagreeing with "average" people would be considered by "average" people to those against them as "ugly", "stupid", "immature", "weird", etc., creating a backlash.


I feel "normal" is depending way too much on human standardization from rules to laws even if they go against your uniqueness severely. In addition, following the most popular trends while forcing obscure ones toward extinction, including the most amazing ones that are considered "criminally overlooked".


Fucking normies REEEEEE!!!

Feb 13, 20 at 11:18am

Normal. Walking around in school cause you gotta piss, but then you see like 10 people in there vaping ;-; that's normal here

. @sxfe commented on What is "normal"?
Feb 13, 20 at 11:23am

'' Normal '' is what society finds appropriate such as acts, mindset, status, job, appearance the list goes on...-The way peoples think they're not fitting in a.k.a claiming that they're anormal is because most of them have been bullied at young age & couldn't figure out how to act like average person. So they become degenerate time passes by.

Note: I assume society finds all the ''gay ( nothing about preference ) '' things appropriate which they didn't choose to but scared of gettin' outta the barrier.


Define normal?

I have had the pleasure of mingling with highly successful and popular people who went on to crash and burn.

I've witnessed the rejected trailer park impoverished rise to fame and social status.

Hell, my whole God Damned family is split into those who went on to change the world for both the better or ill.

All came from a common background, but whether they succeeded or failed came to an individual choice of what their own life would amount too.

In my own life, I have been the subject of both praise and spite depending on the situation or crowd. However, I know others do too even if they don't admit it.

Point being, life is what you make it. Love and be loved or hate and always feel miserable.

It's always one's own choice to feel the way we do.

Don't like something in the world? Good, don't repeat it.

Have trouble being understood? Then do better to listen to what other people are really saying. Don't put words in their mouth that wasn't there to begin with!

Hate being judged? Then do well not to judge others. I would also recommend not judging yourself if possible either.

What we put out will always be what we get back in turn, believe it!

Tragedy does exist. I have lost a number of people I cared about. Worst part, they could have been more. Yet I can't fix the way they thought. I can only continue living the way I know they could have.

Feb 13, 20 at 11:55am

this forum makes me feel normal


white family white kids 1 boy one girl all go to collge both kids die in an honobral way ill never be that cause im black


normal is to follow a set pattern

even that pattern was a pattern of chaos, as long as it continues its the norm

thats all. nothing deeper.

Feb 13, 20 at 12:15pm

I've always felt like the black sheep of my family in certain ways. Both my older brother and sister went on to get married and start families. My sister got divorced but my brother is still married. Still a single guy and not having to worry about too much outside of myself and my two goofball cats has it's pros as well as getting the "cool uncle" status fwiw.

Feb 13, 20 at 12:23pm

It's normal to search up games that you can 'lucky patch' on the play store XD

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