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What is "normal"?

Feb 06, 21 at 2:30pm

Normal vector perpendicular to the plane.


^Agreed 300%. Only pussies fear being judged. I get a thrill out of standing up for myself and justifying my differences with really long essays. It's one of the best feelings in the world.


Normal is boring. Why be normal when you can be goofy and weird.



Be yourself and believe in yourself no matter what others say.


Weird is natural, even things in nature can be weird inside and outside each one. Normal sounds unnatural and repetitive enough to crumble Earth.

Mar 20, 21 at 3:01am


Mar 20, 21 at 3:01am

wtf why it add a sadge too lol

Mar 26, 21 at 3:24pm

No such thing


Hmmmm normal to most people means not of the ordinary but the true definition of normal is being weird in your own unique way :D


Normal by my perspective is following the majority of our society and being against unique parts of yourself most look at as "abnormal" or an "issue".

For instance, in my area, most people are Christian, outdoorsy, farming, proudly American (especially Southern), listen mostly to their own traditional music or what's on the radio, eat typical bland foods (especially processed foods), watch movies/TV/news, extroverted (looking at introverts as an "issue"), believe maturity is always better than immaturity, laugh too much, love toxic positivity or toxic negativity without even knowing it's toxic, keeping up with as many trends as possible, and so on.

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