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What is it like dating you?

Someone has problems with an SO picking up after themselves. ;P It really is the small things that tend to snow ball into bigger issues. That's why communication is really the core issue, that and mutual respect.
One time I threatened to cut holes in all his pockets because he kept leaving chapsticks in them. Not something you want continuously in your washer or dryer (especially the dryer). A compromise was if I wash his clothes then he better make damn sure he cleans his pockets out. He has gotten better about it but sometimes one slips through.
I used to yelled at because of gum I'd leave in my pocket. So, I get it.lol
I have only washed one wallet in my lifetime. A couple receipts at worst and of course the casual MONEY LAUNDERING, hoho!
At least you never washed a money order that was to go for rent.
I'm floored... girls doing laundry for what sounds like little boys xD gum and chapstick? xD lololol Dating me is probs a roller coaster, not gonna lie, always something new around the corner and a loopty loop.
Dec 08, 21 at 6:48am
Yes, it can be challenging at times to live with another person for a significant amount of time. For instance, there is a pile of clothes that reaches halfway to the ceiling in the bedroom that has no room to be hung up because all of the clothes closets are full. This pile has existed for several years now. In fact I do not remember the time the clothes pile has not existed. I was told at some point a huge purge of clothes would happen but I am still waiting for that day. I have now grown to accept the clothes pile. In fact, it has become a part of this home like a separate family member. I have named the pile Greta. Sometimes when I go to the bathroom in the dark of night and stub my toe on Greta's bin I am reminded about how precious she is to our family. In short, acceptance of another person's habits that bother you is an important part of being in a long term relationship. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, and the expectation of perfection is a farce that would leave everyone unhappy in the end. Rather, it is better to focus on the good that comes with living together.
Okay that made me giggle. Might have been the part about the toe.
Oooooo... Passive aggression! Now it's getting spicy.;P
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