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pro life vs pro choice


I disagree. If my girlfriend got pregnan, it most certainly would affect me. I ( if she did not get an abortion ) would be in my childs life to raise and provide. Also, it seems some forget that the fetus is not so much part of a woman's body as dependent. I will never put a woman down for getting an abortion, but the way some talk about it is as if they are just getting rid of their own unwanted trash. Remember, we were all a fetus at some point and I'd like to think of my self as more than just a piece of someone as if I were a body part or something to be thrown away.


Oh, I wan't referring to men in general. Just the big boys.


Saying a woman should be responsible for becoming pregnant isn't always true, sometimes they don't have a choice. So, those should definitely be at least allowed to make a choice on what's happening with their body.

Pro choice allows for more planned parenthood situations, and forcing single women to be in a situation they can't manage or don't want to be in isn't fair to them.

And lol never saw it as a baby killing situation, seems like if we call it that, then once a month ladies are killing babies.

Also it's not just men that try to force their opinion but families themselves that I've sadly seen go to great lengths to force my friend to have her baby. Her mother threatened to disown her.

Jan 10, 15 at 6:13pm

Pro choice. I was the result of an accident. Glad my mom decided to have me or I wouldn't be commenting here!



I was the result of an accident and my parents hate me for being alive, wish I was adopted or never born, but my parents wanted to take the responsibility of taking care of me and now hate me in the end.

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Jan 10, 15 at 10:19pm

pro-choice because I don't believe the government should have any kind of say in my reproductive choices


pro choice*bump


pro choice

bodily autonomy is never trampled in such a way in any other cases, and should not be here either

anyone who believes that sex is purely performed for procreational purposes is lying, and if you admit that people do it purely for recreation, then you admit that these woman didnt consent to getting pregnant because there was no reasonable expectation if your using protection

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