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It's just Key, wth...

Last online over 1 year ago
United Kingdom
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Seriously considering watching sailor moon for the first time...

This account has been suspended.

The profile picture. It's magnificent.

Nobody @muffster The mustache reminds me of Snidely Whiplash.
It's just Key, wth... @key17 I felt inspired :P
Mar 24, 18 at 6:21pm

I have returned.

It's just Key, wth... @key17 Yes Barudo. I've noticed. It's quite impossible to not notice your presence here.
It's just Key, wth... @key17 Just look at you throwing confetti everywhere.
Manga_bird @manga_bird Haha, all over your base!

Life's a bitch and then you die.
That's why we get high.
'Cause you never know when we're gonna go.

Mar 22, 18 at 10:50am

Thanks for the welcome ^.^

It's just Key, wth... @key17 Thx for being you! Yay. *Trumpet of joy in the distance*
Mar 21, 18 at 6:06pm

Oh ok I see, thx. XD
(But wait, doesn't tea technically excite you perhaps? lol)

Mar 21, 18 at 5:58pm

Why I done fucked it up? XD


I'm honestly starting to think that I've been cursed.
In the span of three months alone, I've had two bikes stolen, one wallet lost and the other stolen as well, multiple other important items lost, multiple consoles breaking, got kicked out of my appartement for arbitrary reasons, multiple back and wrist injuries, cracked screens on both of my phones that I need to use for work... and now I'm on the verge of becoming homeless again in less than a year.

Ugh... I seriously feel like jumping off a bridge right now.

Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Since we are naming things, i've been led on for a whole year, spent $400 on something that doesnt work, chased away potential love interests on several occasions, been under paid yet owe the government money cuz they claimed to have paid me too much yet im still being underpaid, had to study 800 pages of material as well as answer over 400 questions or risk losing my job, been relocated to a base where the nearest fun thing to do is about an hour away, had a barber jack up my haircut, had to catch rides with a coworker who would leave me waiting outside in 20 degree weather (and im from florida), doing the job of 3 people despite being brand new, found out my brother went to jail for something that wasnt his fault, injured my lower back and thats all i can think of