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Taiwan, Province of China
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Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Feb 28, 19 at 3:00am

Is it? I might have to read the synopsis then, if I get interested.

That scenario sounds like the basis of a few horror films lol. I kind of remember that as the basis of a horror film in the states, except I forgot what the title was. Then there were other similar stuff, there was one in Europe somewhere where people got kidnapped and sold. I think it was called hostel. It was about backpackers in Europe. That made me a quite afraid of hostels from then on o.o and backpacking through Europe.

I think there is something similar that happens in that one anime about a male swim team. Ah yea, it's called Free! The guys in there honestly look pretty chic lol.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Feb 26, 19 at 5:36am

I suppose there's a small amount of romance involved in Kuroko, but it's very subtle and hidden from the viewers. We can only postulate about what the background romance is between Kuroko and his old friends. As for travel in the states, you don't necessarily have to stay at motels lol, and I'll hold my judgement since I don't want to get into an argument w/ you about it lol. Easy riders are okay as long as the roads are good, but driving through sand or other terrain would suck, that's my only gripe w/ them besides the weight. Hmm.. I have heard great things about Clannad, but I don't really want to watch something that is too sad and dramatic. Not really my preference in genre. I really like the music from Gundam 00, reminiscent of the space opera in Gundam Seed.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Feb 24, 19 at 4:29pm

Those definitely would make for a comfortable ride. Of course, except in the rain lol. I just don't like how big they are and how heavy they can weigh. If might be a challenge if you accidentally drop it on the highway o.o. I think I would just go w/ the adventure bikes still, even though they are smaller, they are easier to handle and can be driven a variety of terrain, gravel, grass, snow and others.

That's too bad you don't have any good feelings about the States lol. Well maybe someday you'll change your mind and can explore our wonderful country. Just maybe avoid the larger cities and especially the south if you are afraid of guns and criminals o.o lol. Of course, there are stories like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" as well.... so that might be a bit frightening o.o lol.

Oh, interesting. I didn't know there was a site like AO3. I guess if I ever feel like expanding my horizons in that part of my life, I might visit it one day lol. Kuroko and Haikyuu are excellent animes. I'm surprised you would name sports animes instead of romance ones o.O...

I myself, am not much of a yaoi or yuri fan, but I can understand a bit of why ppl would like them. I mainly prefer uplifting animes, like inuyashiki and boku hero no academia. Good music in anime is always a great lure for me as well lol.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Feb 03, 19 at 4:50pm

A03? I don't think I get the reference there. Is it some kind of site like DeviantArt or...? Oh man, I barely remember anything about Ghost Hunt, since it's been a while. Hmm, I'm kind of curious if you're a fan of yaoi or yuri at all?

That's kind of what I assumed you'd have to do on small roads or one person has to back up all the way.

Ah, I didn't realize the trains in the UK were that bad. Maybe they're better in the rest of Europe. My original thought about backpacking through Europe was that it wouldn't be too difficult to just ride a train through most of the country. I don't think I could drive through Europe w/ all the old roads and tiny winding streets lol. It might be fun to use a motorbike though, that or a real bicycle (only if I do some training first though lol). Actually I've seen a couple of videos where people have actually driven their motorbike around the world or biked around the world. It's pretty cool, the adventure they had and the sights they've seen. Have you ever thought about that, or wanted to try it. Just take off and go on a world tour on a motorbike, car or bicycle? I've actually considered it, but I'd probably only try in a car first and to do it in the States lol. I think it'd be safer in the States and there's more support about you.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 31, 19 at 12:55am

Oh, what kind of anime or stories did you like to write fanfiction about? I think I only took one try at it once and that was a One Piece fanfic. It wasn't too interesting and I grew bored of it pretty quick. Hmm, now that I think of it, a lot of olden day fanfics were 18+ o.O... I think that's part of the reason why I stopped reading them. Why do you think the UK train service is so bad, is it never on time?

When I mentioned houses, yes I was referring to the size of the homes and just having open space in general. I mean just look at the roads. Sometimes I wonder what would happen when 2 cars try to fit into a small street that only fits one car, while they are driving towards each other. There seems to be lots of these kinds of streets in China, Korea and Japan. I think I've seen a few in European countries as well o.O. Which is probably why people like to drive smaller cars somewhat over in those countries.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 29, 19 at 2:39am

Ah, that makes sense. Oh, I remember those old days when fan fiction used to be hot, but I was never really a part of it. That OTP now sounds kind of cool. I didn't realize Japan would be so expensive. I thought it'd be reflective of the UK. I think it's cool how the UK and Japan make it easy for people to get around via trains and other forms of public transportation. We don't really have too much of that in the States. If I traveled, I'd travel mainly to taste the different cuisines of the world. I plan to one day eat my way through Japan and other countries. It just kind of sucks now that you mention how it's kind of expensive living there and the like. That kind of makes sense due to the population. I feel like you don't get a whole of open spaces except in some countries like the States, Canada and Australia.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 29, 19 at 12:39am

OPT? What does that mean? Oh wait are you both females? Sorry I just kind of figured you'd be a girl/boy couple. What was your dream job in Japan? I think it'd be kind of cool if people on MO could visit Japan together for a trip. Although it might be kind of creepy ~_~... I didn't realize the UK was in such a state? I thought it was doing okay, are you referring to the whole Brecit thing or when they ceded from the EU? I'm kind of surprised you went to Taiwan instead of back home or another country. I've heard Taiwan has enough troubles as it is already w/ Mainland China and the like. But it must be pretty cool to do so much travelling. What are the best things you've experienced in Japan and Taiwan?

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 25, 19 at 6:49pm

Ah, yea that seems to happen on most sites. That's why I thought it was cool to meet you and others like you who are still "kinda" around lol. I have heard of Sherflow, but haven't talked to him yet. Reading through some old wallposts and forum threads, I thought it was interesting how you guys got together and then not and trying to do what you like in other countries. That's way cool. I could never just up and go try to make my dream come true w/ out a plan and proper preparations.

Neverland left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 19, 19 at 2:44pm

You seem to be one of the long time members of the site. Just curious how long you've been a member?

Yellow Otaku left a comment for Manga_bird
Jan 03, 19 at 3:52pm

Happy New Year to you too!

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