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Last online 26 days ago
Taiwan, Province of China
I have been cosplaying since 2005, all of them bought costumes since I have no talent for making things.

I often wear Lolita fashion.

I have been a writer on fanfiction.net since around 2004, possibly earlier. As of 2016 I've also joined AO3.
As well as anime and manga I am very into books and TV dramas. In 2021 I joined Wattpad as well.

Links to socials can be found at linktr.ee/manga_bird

TV genres include science fiction, crime, horror, romance, historical/period and fantasy.

Book genres include Victorian/gothic literature, horror, science fiction, fantasy and crime.

I spent a year and seven months living in Japan teaching English. I will soon return to the UK after four years of living in Taiwan.

I also have a facebook page for cosplay (link on the linktree).

Also an extra note - I regularly clear out my friend list, so if there isn't any activity for a while don't be surprised if I disappear (feel free to re-add, but I do like to keep things tidy)
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