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Tea Tango Army's homebase


Welcome to the TTA homebase,

our mission is to spread the culture of tea and take over the world!

Current members:
Commander - Manga_bird
Commander's Consort and Bodyguard - Sherflow
Vice-Commander - Shavane
Lieutenant - Fancycosplayer6
Lieutenant - Miarin
Lieutenant - Sadjester
Messenger/Mascot - Panda-Kun
Ally- cybermephiles32
Private - Juveh
Private - Chibi Voca-Chan
Private - SSJ2morgan
Supply officer - Goku187
Janitor - TheUnawakenOne¿

we are looking to spread our influence over the world! feel free to join us, FOR THE GLORY OF TEA!


Welcome everyone and enjoy!


Im totally brewing some jasmine tea right now

Feb 21, 15 at 8:07am

Great! the world needs more tea!


:o Green tea!

Feb 21, 15 at 8:10am

Green tea, Jasmine tea, tea with honey, sugar or milk. All tea will be accepted by the TTA


Your esteemed leader has arrived~

Edit member:
Sherflow - Commander Consort and bodyguard

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