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pro life vs pro choice


What's your stance on the matter?


Definitely pro-choice. I'm not all for "killing babies" all day every day, but people should have the right to proper sex education, contraceptives, and to abort, place a child for adoption, or continue with the pregnancy. I think a lot of people think that it's terminate or don't terminate the pregnancy, but it's not just about that. Many pro-lifers don't believe in contraceptives, including condoms, or sex education due to religious reasons and it's dangerous on both men and women and result in unwanted pregnancies and increases risks for STDs.
I'm pro-choice because it's about safe health practices, not just "baby killing". I feel that the male politicians who try to impose these laws to ban abortions, even in cases of incest, rape, or possible death to the mother are solely opposed because they're either very religious, uneducated, or both. Unfortunately, only 4 states are pro-choice, the rest have the possibility of voting to overturn Roe v. Wade, taking couple's rights to choose and it will definitely cause a lot of concern to rape victims. It's not just about the woman, pro-life/pro-choice legislature and beliefs affect men as well because money generated will be cut from proper sex education if overturned.
If a person is pro-life, great, believe what you believe. If a person is pro-choice, great, believe what you believe. Live in peace even if you have different beliefs, don't fight each other on these issues, support one another. It's hard enough for a couple to ask about their options in sex and life, the last thing they need is a pro-life/choicer telling them how their decision is wrong.
Regardless of your stance, I want people become educated about safe sex and know their options before they go chanting "baby killer" or "Christian fascist".


I dislike the term "pro-life" it gives the connotation that anyone who is "pro-choice" is also automatically pro-death. (which is probably the intention).

Contraceptives should be free and available to everyone everywhere. Sex education including proper use of contraceptives, interpersonal sexuality and dating, biology, legal issues, child rearing/care and such should be taught from around 12yrs on if not younger. Ignorance contributes to teenage pregnancy and the spread of diseases and domestic violence/rape/molestation.

Also I personally think that contraceptives of some sort should be mandatory from menstruation till at least 16 or 18 and from around 12 on for boys if they ever get the male pill to market. (Depending on what's medically viable, some people can't use regular birth control.) And you should have to take child rearing classes (which should be offered in schools as mandatory) and pass a test/tests to get a license to be allowed to have a child. Too many people don't take care of their children properly or at all to the point the system is breaking. (Won't happen though, nobody would allow anyone to say they can't pop out babies left and right.) The religious agenda is usually to stop people from having sex (outside marriage) but that will never happen. Also religious groups generally oppose contraceptives because they know that children are most likely to adopt the religion of their parents. Religious groups want families to have lots of kids because the more members they have, the richer and more powerful they become. Why Mormons grew so fast is because of their original doctrine of men having multiple wives and lots and lots of kids which they pushed for as long as they could till federal laws prevented it.


I agree to an extent, Neko. The male birth control pill will not prevent STDs, it will only slow sperm development by adding a combination of androgen and progestin hormones to increase testosterone levels. If you have multiple partners or are having sex with a new partner, it should be used with a condom.
The process of birth control goes both ways, the boys should have easy access to condoms to not only prevent the pregnancies but to protect themselves from disease. It's very easy for a girl to say she's wearing a female condom so the boy doesn't have to wear one, but girls lie about sex just as much as guys and could get diseases. As for men that can't wear latex due to allergies, there are different types made of different materials such as thin synthetic resins and polyurethanes.
The thing that parents and many pro-lifers don't like about Sex Education is that it's starting earlier and earlier each year so they believe that it will instill the desire for sex into their children's heads. I have a problem with that because the media is doing it, not the school. When kids are idolizing sexualized figures, they'll want to emulate them, some parents think it's cute because the kids don't know what they're doing, but then they'll fight the schools from teaching about safe sex. Fighting to remove Sex Ed from schools which will only hurt the child, they're growing and confused, they need to know that it's okay to feel aroused and pleasured in a safe manner.
When I was in school, I took Sex Ed in 5th grade through high school every year but it wasn't good education. For years, it was basically "here's a penis/vagina. If you have sex, you'll get diseases like these." It was scare tactics to get us to stay abstinent. When I was in high school, it was either condoms or pull out if you don't like condoms, which is not safe, pre-ejaculate may have a few live sperm and though it's rare, a woman could get pregnant from it. Contraceptives and safe sex practices were not a part of the curriculum and it needs to change. I don't know how Sex Ed is now in schools, but if funding is cut, it may not get better. Kids will have sex no matter what. Even if their parents say no, they will find a way to do it. They need resources, they need to know where to get condoms, pills, other types of contraceptives, sexual wellness doctors, and a person they feel safe to speak to about it.




Pro-live vs. pro-choice has at least two different meanings, and since it’s not further specified in the first post, I’ll address the both.

1. I believe that any woman has the right to end her pregnancy. I wouldn’t want to be a child, who was born against his mother’s wish. If my mother didn’t want me to be born, I would rather not be born at all.

2. I believe that anyone has the right to end his/her own life, regardless of their reasons, physical / mental condition etc. I also think that gentle methods (such as certain very strong sleeping drugs) should be available. Your life belongs to you, not to God, society, etc. Availability of a gentle, 100% sure and not disgraceful method would make quite a few people realize that in fact they don’t want to end their life. It would also reduce ugly dramas and accusations in attention seeking (failed attempts that are or are interpreted as attention seeking). For quite a few people it even improves their life quality, when they know that they can have a dignified death when the time comes.

However, IMO we have responsibility for our children and our (loving) wife / husband / partner (whom WE invited in this world or choose). And while I may not necessary adjudge others for not following this ethical principle, I for one wouldn’t leave my child or wife/partner without my support, if it was anyhow humanly possible at all. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever face this dilemma…

Jan 10, 15 at 11:16am


I respect people who are pro-life's opinion however they're not helping raise anyone's baby, in other words providing for them. Some people don't have the means or want to have a child.

I feel it's better to have a child that can be financially taken care of: feed, proper health care and nowadays be able to attend college, which even with financial aid can get expensive. Especially in a worse case scenario where they have to worry if they will be able to have food or clothes for the year.

On the other hand you have people who just don't want a child, would you really want a child to be raised by someone who does not want them. To that people often reply "Put the baby up for adoption or have a family member take the baby." but the adoption system is painful and sad for children most don't go to parents right away and are left to the system for a long time, some never to be adopted by a family.

As for giving it to a family member, some don't have that option or no one will want to take on such a responsibility it is no way easy to raise children.

Of course this is all just the very basics of things these issues go much more in depth but regardless no one but yourself should have control over your body.


I'm pro choice, but I honestly hate the whole"It's the woman's body.."...Then stop screwing around. I don't feel sorry for those who made a cchoice knowing they couldn't or didn't want to afford the consequences. Honestly, the only ones who do get my sympathy are women who were raped or it may endanger their life, which I might add, those cases are the minority. I just hate hearing abortion being used to take care of an "accident "... It's kind of like this saying, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime. If you didn't use protection or it failed, i'd hope you'd at least use plan B, but I know sometimes you won't even know until you find out you're pregnant. I just hate when abortions almost seem like just another form of protection, they are a very serious matter...Also, I'm an oops baby.:P


I'm a man so it's technically not my problem, I'll never know or understand what it's like to be pregnant so it's not something I can choose for women


Men forcing their opinion on something that will never affect them. ¦|
We really are control freaks aren't we.

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