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Sick of hearing it.

Nov 28, 23 at 12:59am
What are some things you're really sick of hearing? Be it words or phrases or whatever you're just tired of for whatever reason. I've gotten really tired of people saying stuff like "you deserver better", "you're different", "I'm not good enough for you" and similar stuff that just isn't true.
I'm sick and tired of hearing,."I'm tired." I say that to myself and I get annoyed at how tired I always am most days XD
Nov 28, 23 at 6:56pm
Notification sounds of Outlook, Teams and Whatsapp "Do better" after I do my absolute best "It's not getting any better" But mostly... awkward silence. It's louder than anything else
Those stupid Aruba effect ads I keep getting. I have now decided to boycott Aruba for getting between me and my videos. Give me ads for something I actually want. Like a foot pedal to open up the toilet seat.
Nov 30, 23 at 9:38pm
Sorry. Aaaaand... Everything will turn out ok. One... Sorry? Sorry for me? Sorry for my situation ? Does that word change anything? Does your empathy make anything better? Are you going to put effort in to help make a change? No? Well, sounds like a platitude, doesn't it? Two... Nothing has to turn out any which way and certainly not "ok". I've no guarantee and hence the pain and stress(And the beer gut I'm getting. lol).
Nov 30, 23 at 9:56pm
I'm sick of hearing that cheerful AI generated woman's voice that narrates tik tok videos that are posted on youtube shorts. I don't know what specific channel does it but at this point it's getting annoying to hear.
@arc It could be a video I'm genuinely interested in, but the moment I hear that stupid voice I'm immediately blinded by rage, I'd click off and yell something like "Goddamnit I can't have shit around here!" How can anyone sit through that voice more than once?
Dec 01, 23 at 2:28am
The following words: cap, real, Ohio, Gyat, rizz, Sigma, period, there's more I have to think about it
Can people please stop misusing the word "literally"? The word has a specific meaning and is not intended to be phrase that builds up hyperbole. "Literally stabbed in the back" should mean someone actually caused physical damage to your back with a knife or sharp object of some kind. If you "literally died when I saw that", you wouldn't be saying that because you'd be dead!
I've noticed overuse just as much as misuse. A powerful combination, indeed. People out there will fit "Literally" into their sentence 3+ times, and for what?
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