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Check Point

Dec 06, 22 at 7:55am
Where are you in life right now? What are you working towards? What challenges are you facing? How did you get where you are? Share as much or as little as you want.
Dec 07, 22 at 12:26am
Pretty much tossed my old life aside and drove half way across the country in an RV with only a vague idea of where I was going. Bought a house in some small one horse town. Renovated the thing like new over the course of a few months. Sold it, packed my bags, and jumped on a plane to travel half way across the country to another place I've never been and split an apartment with an online friend who helped me get a job with samsung, his way of repaying me for being there for him I guess when things weren't going so great. Went from dead end jobs to doing the office thing monday-friday.
@neet_one So you are out of Cali now? Seemed like it wasn't your thing. I just visited San Fran recently and while it was a better location to visit compared to Bakersfield, it still is only just a visit type place for me. It seemed much bigger in my mind than what it was in reality. Ex: I was underwhelmed by the Golden Gate Bridge.
Dec 07, 22 at 12:44am
Yeah, we were planning on selling our place in cali and moving to a better area just before covid hit. Right when the house sold, my job laid me off. Hell, my ex (sort of) broke up with me in the same week too, bit of a triple whammy (stayed friends though in spite of things and kept in contact). With that we kinda decided to say screw it and just leave cali all together. Spent a few months living in a trailer park though while getting the RV fixed up and ready for the trip, along with tying up loose ends. That sucked harder than a vacum cleaner. It was the worst part of town, in an already pretty horrible town. spent months living among tweakers and crackheads, and got my car broken into a few days before we finally managed to leave. Saw that houses were a lot cheaper out in texas so figured we'd head out there, and if we saw a nice town on the way maybe settle down there. RV broke down on me half way to Vegas in spite of the prep work. Barely managed to get it there only to get stuck in vegas for a month while dropping 3K in repairs on the thing. Continued on and got a nasty case of heatstroke in Arizona. Tire blew up and Batteries blew up too the next day just as we left new mexico and no one would replace em. By the time we got to texas, a wave of Californians fleeing the state beat us to the punch. Housing prices skyrocketed, couldn't afford anything or get a loan due to being unemployed at the time. Bought a place in Oklahoma where it was dirt cheap instead. It was anything but fun, the house turned out to be a nightmare to fix up, I was with my mother who made the trip hell and was making things with the house needlessly difficult and complicated. Seemed like a never ending cycle of hell. Was about this time that ex I mentioned decided to start ghosting me. Not gonna lie, one of the things that kept me going during the trip across the country was the idea of getting closer to them, since the distance was the main thing that I felt screwed stuff up with us, thought she'd be happy we were in the same time zone now but nah. I think that was just the icing on the cake if anything though. The whole thing seemed like a nightmare, literally. I found myself desperately trying to wake myself up so I could go back to my old life. I'd have given anything to wake up in my old bed in my old room and go back to the way things were. The water heater was a dud that I'd have to reignite at least five times every time I wanted to shower, the electrical was all old and outdated and ungrounded, the entire floor needed to be replaced, and yanking that out revealed a massive crack down the foundation which explained why so many of the doors were crooked and not closing right if at all, and painting the place kept doing this weird bubbling thing that I showed to a dozen people (painters and hard wear store staff) that not a single one could understand or explain. I got scammed on a local internet service (my mobile internet had better speeds). Got my first ticket out there because speed traps are everywhere. The town we moved into was full of racist rednecks that would watch me like a hawk every time I left the house. Had to sell the RV for peanuts (which I had put a lot of money and work into fixing up) because the area was infamous for hail storms, and the city gave me a warning about keeping it parked in my own driveway. I was just so tired and stressed and miserable, with no one to turn to and almost everything I owned 1,000 miles away, I went for my gun at one point and well, lets just say if I kept it loaded I probably wouldn't be typing this right now. We decided to finish fixing up the house and try again for texas. I spent everyday working on it, from sun up to sun down. It was back breeaking work but it was good exercise and a learning experience at least. The friend I mentioned before was telling me about his job with samsung (and how much he hated it), it didn't sound bad to me so he put in a word for me, helped me with a resume, and well, I didn't really expect it but they offered me a job. We got a buyer for the house, my mom went to live with her sister in texas, and off to Washington I went with nothing but a couple bags to start a new life, again.
Yeah ok. This is sounding familiar. I think I asked when you popped back on a couple months ago but alas I've been in a brain fog for a while. North Eastern OK is home to me and it looks a lot different than the rest of the state being an end of the Ozark Mountain range. Lots of hills, valleys, etc. I loved Norman when I went to college. Fun for OK is OKC and Tulsa and then the university towns - Norman and Stillwater. Everything else in OK is boring and sleepy.
Dec 07, 22 at 1:15am
I can't say it was 100% bad there, there's certainly a few things to like. Lack of crime and how clean it was, was refreshing. I was in Duncan by the way, if you're curious.
@neet_one Oh yeah, that's way down south. You weren't too far from Lindsay, OK which is where they did some shooting for the movie Twister. Lots of dirt roads and field shots lol.
Oh and to the original topic, I have an injury that's got me on crutches. I didn't talk about it when it happened because I was highly medicated and just thinking about everything stressed me out. I'm starting physical therapy now though, needing pain meds less. Walking is the challenge. How did I get here? You could say I just fell into it. *ba-dah-tssss* @arc eh?
Dec 07, 22 at 3:36pm
That's the pits... Aha.
Arc @arc commented on Check Point
Dec 07, 22 at 6:07pm
I'm at the point in my life where I'm just trying to keep things around the house together and stop losing\spending money. I blew through 20k in 8 months working on things for the new house and lost about 20k in my IRA account from stocks I held since 2018. I've never dealt with so much stress before but I think I'm on the tail end of it and can start building back my wealth in 2024. I'm thankful I work in the casino industry. Thank God for bored elderly people and social security checks, ammirite? @neet_one Man, that is an inspirational story you have. You've been through a ton of shit and none of that stuff could stop you. It seems like you are already equipped to know how to deal with the worst life has to throw at you and that's more than what a lot of people could say. Just keep working hard at what you do and I hope things get a lot better for you because you deserve it.
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