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MaiOtaku Anime Night

I was thinking it'd be cool if we could get some of us together to watch some anime sometime after Thanksgiving. I'm thinking of watching something that is either fantasy, comedy, adventure, or romance/romcom. Give a rough idea of what times/days of the week are good for you and what sort of things you enjoy watching and I'll try to accommodate as many as I can. Also, anyone know of a good free website for hosting group videos like this? In the past I used Discord but not everyone has that here so I figured there must be a better, simpler way. Please post if you know of a way to do this. Thanks in advance for any help!
It might help if there are some volunteers to set up certain group times to do this. Like one can get the ones interested in one category like horror or comedy, etc and another group can do a completely different category in their free time. Since not everyone can have the same free time. Plus the anime category is so vast. What do you think? If there are any mo members who knows reliable screen sharing sites to do this and can successfully make schedules of what, when, and where it might be fun for every member who likes this idea
Nov 18, 21 at 6:42pm
If such a thing is organized over Discord I'd be more than willing to join in. I'd be a bit hesitant to utilize some rando group video site though. Time/Day don't really matter I largely make my own schedule.
Hmmm....what if the group is small for those of us who don't do well with a bunch of strangers? If only two others or even one can match the schedule? I'm not good with one on ones or a big crowd of strangers either. I can handle a group chat f three with a bit more comfort to watch anime with in screen sharing.
Nov 18, 21 at 8:18pm
I'm not familiar with any sites other than legitimate streaming sites. I know Netflix has a party feature and so does Amazon. Hulu probably does as well. I would say until we can find reliable alternatives people who have those sites available to them could group together. After we find a site for video sharing like that then we can all use that together. By using those type of sites though we make voice chat optional since they have their own chat feature. You could join together in discord but it would be optional.
Discord seems to make it quite easy to manage this kinda stuff.
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Sounds fun tbh… but my pace of anime watching isn’t for everyone…. Im watching like 12-24 eps at once XDDDD. Since I do binge watching an anime imma wait till its done airing and watch all of it. Maybe more if i have the time
I was trying that before, I would love to join in on this.
It would be fun for us mo members. Just gotta figure out who is free at the same time, comfort zone of how many in a group, unanimous show to watch, and what site help screen share the show to multiple devices to do so.
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