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When I was born, I didn't talk to my parents until I was 6. GET ON MY LEVEL.
Hey. I do warehouse work, driving heavy machinery. Last anime I watched was the newest season of Demon Slayer. I'm not sure what I plan to watch next. I wanna watch the second season of Love is War. The game I'm currently playing is Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but I wanna get into Valheim(don't have the game yet.....but I somehow SORTA got it? It's weird.). For Vtubers, I watch whoever's playing anything interesting, really. Pikamee, Baelz, Moona, Fauna, etc.
What do you do? Logistics and inventory control What anime you watching? Just finished akamegakill and trying to go back to mushoku tensei waiting for the bleach ark to be release What game are committed right now? Genshin impact,lost ark,league of legends and rocket league Any vtuber you watching? Mostly hololive but branching out Or anything else. Looking for night owls to link up game and the sort
This. This, right here. This is the dream. I want this. So much FLUFF!
(Also, it'd be easy to keep track of comments if we use the notifications option at the top, for those who didn't notice.)
Be nice if we could arrange something, but we'd have to know everyone's schedules and time zones or something, then do a poll on what movie or movies we'd want to see. Heck, watching episodes together would be fun enough, IMO.
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