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Hi, I'm Ritz. I've been here for a while, but I'm not the most active individual on here, yet I'm hoping to find more like-minded people. I tend to spend most of my time reading manga, watching anime, working on streaming on Twitch, cooking new things, and just taking it easy.

My personal favorite types of manga/anime are Action, Comedy, Slice of Life, Fantasy, Romance, and occasionally drama, but I don't mind getting into other things if it's interesting enough. My Hero Academia is my current top favorite anime/manga, but I'm also into several others that would take too long to list.
I have a lot of free time on my off days from work, so if you feel like chatting with me, feel free to hit me up here or on Twitch when I stream (PuttinOnDahRitz), Monday-Wednesday EST, usually in the morning to afternoon(sometimes early Thursday morning).
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