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Mar 21, 22 at 4:44am
Damn a lot of non-mainstream gems in this list
barelyalive @adhdbot left a comment for psiren
Mar 20, 22 at 4:56pm
(sorry in advance for the format, for some reason it won't let the final post go through with line breaks for me) I'll try to categorize some of the anime i've enjoyed and list them here. Hope it helps you find something! --(1) heartfelt + cute ~ Anohana --(2) silly + wacky + cute ~ Arakawa Under the Bridge --(3) mystery + mild sci-fi / fantasy ~ B: The Beginning --(4) rōnin + short, nice story ~ Dororo --(5) mystery + heartfelt ~ Erased --(6) action + controversial topic ~ Jormungundr --(7) suspenseful + thought-provoking~~ Parasyte --(8) dark + suspenseful ~ The Promised Neverland --(9) emotional + growth-oriented ~ Violet Evergarden
May 21, 21 at 3:03pm
It's a decent high school introvert kind of anime
jayraket @jayraket left a comment for Seruru-pi♬
May 07, 21 at 1:53am
Can you or anyone else tell me if Watamote any good id much appreciate it
Max @reclaw left a comment for ロイ
Sep 10, 19 at 7:08am
I have a cold, but apart from that I'm great~ I bet colds don't even exist in Callie <w<
AMONG US @rafaelsanzio left a comment for ロイ
Sep 09, 19 at 11:10am
jalisco mexcio? neta eres de alla?
mearimary @mearymari left a comment for ロイ
Jul 01, 19 at 2:51pm
I do! I play a lot of different games though, so it's difficult to pinpoint what exactly I play lol
Cheyanne @ratchet left a comment for ロイ
Feb 12, 19 at 9:00pm
It's a action mom, and no its not on steam, you gotta download on the internet
ejaeli @ejaeli left a comment for ロイ
Feb 12, 19 at 8:41pm
hmm Princess Tutu was one of the first anime I watched, so that one has a place in my heart
ejaeli @ejaeli left a comment for ロイ
Feb 11, 19 at 8:41pm
I think there is hope for the Fruits Basket anime reboot (I'm not sure what differences the original anime had from the manga). mostly I see some talk about the new voice cast for the reboot haha
ejaeli @ejaeli left a comment for ロイ
Feb 10, 19 at 8:56pm
I haven't watched the Fruits Basket anime, but I read the manga several years back. it's getting a reboot anime at least! :D