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51 year old Male
Last online 12 months ago
North Pittsburgh, PA
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elyy @elyy left a comment for mirai_k
Nov 29, 21 at 6:13pm
If ur 50, send pic uwu
Nov 11, 21 at 8:46pm
@orochiouji Yep, that bit of info is for real. I'm here to hopefully find a girl to date (and make some friends too) so I'm being honest about myself.
orochiouji @orochiouji left a comment for mirai_k
Nov 11, 21 at 8:15pm
are you actually 50?
Nov 10, 21 at 5:43pm
If they are emotionally unstable then they'll fit right in with about 1/2 the people on this site, self included =D
mirai_k @mirai_k left a comment for wwe_kween_
Nov 08, 21 at 11:37pm
I'm curious, are you a bot, scammer, troll, gay catfish, or perhaps someone out to add to the list of sus profile categories? Whatever the case you certainly don't seem to be legit lol, so what's your evil plan here?
Zhongkui @hakutaku or a random emotionally unstable user...who desperately craves attention..
Nov 10, 21 at 9:16am
** raises hand ** Hey that sounds like me! =D I've got a container full of screws loose so I'll fit right in around here. Thanks for the good news!
Feels like most people on this site arent mentally stable enough to date in the first place.
Nov 10, 21 at 7:41am
I can't say for certain because I haven't been here very long myself, I less than 2 weeks, but there are nice people here. I see you are LGBT and you'll be happy to know there are others like you here too, though I don't know how many since it's not what I'm specifically looking for, just something I noticed. I like it here so far, the people are cool and it seems like it's worth staying. So stay around and join in the fun! Best of luck to you and I hope you find someone who is good for you.
Is this like. In general or like on Maiotaku? Because I feel like Maiotaku might be a poor place to find a date. :/
Nov 09, 21 at 12:24am
Those girls talking sex you mentioned probably aren't doing it to get an acct harem and they likely aren't girls at all. They're gay catfish dudes pretending to be women both because they know tons of guys will message them and because many of those guys, thinking the gay catfish is a woman, will then sext to them too. In short, it's way for unscrupulous gay dudes to scam straight gays into having online sex. I remember one time I called out a gay catfish "woman" I discovered on MeetMe back when it used to have a forum and the "woman" denied it, then got mad at me, then proceeded to tell me they had a 9"...pole. Yeah... totally female, riiiight. I've got nothing against LGBT people in general, I have some LGBT friends online, but ones that lie and scam straight people for sex are truly disgusting and should be banned from all dating sites were it possible to do so.
That seems the case shortly after I joined a while ago. Most of the girls I saw only seemed interested in just posting and a few that talked sex just to get a harem of accounts on their side to feel empowered. While the guys had a mix of interest. Some were here for actual relationships, others just trolls around or trolls to find girls to try and harass. I had to ask seriph to make it possible for only friends to message the accounts cuz it got so bad that I had too many Catfishes trying to get hooked up with me and wouldn't leave me alone. Even though they weren't accepted friends. Then the usual, fb type people who just posts with the few girls as well. When I tried to do boards that was strictly for dating only men arrived and the two girls who also posted only wanted women. This isn't a dating site for sure. Not with those results and activity.
wwe_kween_ @wwe_kween_ left a comment for mirai_k
Nov 08, 21 at 3:03pm
hey would you like to chat? My dm's are open!
Nov 07, 21 at 6:28pm
Thanks and your opinion was very welcome indeed! Just because you're taken doesn't mean you lost your opinion on what should or shouldn't be in a profile. And it's great that you were able to meet some here, I hope you two will always be happy together. Soooo.... make sure all of my selfies are taken in the bathroom and write an About Me section that's longer than the entire One Piece series. Got it! See? I was totally paying attention =D
Keep it simple. Add some interests. Definitely avoid the bathroom/mirror selfies. (We should all know better by now.) Since I am "taken", my opinion might not be wanted or relevant but I can say it damn sure wasn't Arc's about me that attracted me to him.
Nov 07, 21 at 6:17pm
Very cute! And whoa... pinch the cheeks and bleed for weeks eh? Meowch!!! Pets and headpats only it is! :)
Tender moments. Though if I had a bf and he did pinch my cheeks I'm biting his hands, but tender strokes would be idea in a relationship.