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52 year old Male
Last online 3 months ago
North Pittsburgh, PA
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Jan 13, 23 at 6:55am
No, it’s not risky at all. I’m perfectly healthy and so it’d be safe for me to have babies XD, thank you for your concern!
elyy @elyy left a comment for mirai_k
Nov 29, 21 at 6:13pm
If ur 50, send pic uwu
Nov 11, 21 at 8:46pm
@orochiouji Yep, that bit of info is for real. I'm here to hopefully find a girl to date (and make some friends too) so I'm being honest about myself.
I recently found a new PC game on Steam I liked. It's one of those seemingly simple little games that just draws you in. It's called Pawnbarian and you can play the demo for free or I think it's $8 to buy it. Basically your char is on a 5x5 chess board and you have a deck full of chess piece cards. You draw 3 each turn and can play two of them. Each card lets your char move according to the rules of chess and your goal is to wipe out the enemy army. There's a variety of unique enemies and each has various abilities/attacks. As you play, you get gold which can be used at a shop to upgrade your cards with things like drawing an extra card, attacking adjacent enemies, and shield. The strategy of playing can get pretty in-depth which is what makes it so good. Definitely worth playing imo. I got as far Gauntlet level 8 so far, here's what Gauntlet level 7 (essentially the 14th level of the game) looks like. Oh, and you're the spiked helmet dude at the bottom center.
@reisenpai66 It's pretty sad that Firefox is trying this same crap with people's personal info, but still, there's definitely a world of difference between that and asking for everyone on the planet to send in their noods =P All for the greater good ofc!